Essential Japanese Verbs

ABC Jun (Alphabetical order)

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abimasu / abiruあびます/あびる[浴びる](No.013)

to take a shower, to bathe / to bask / to expose oneself to criticism or praise, to be subjected to

agarimasu / agaruあがります/あがる[上がる](No.002)

to go up, to rise / to enter (a house) / to get nervous

agemasu / ageruあげます/あげる[あげる/上げる/挙げる](No.006)

to give, to present / to raise, to increase / to lift up, to bring up, to raise / to list, to mention, to raise

aimasu / auあいます/あう[会う/合う/遭う](No.001)

to meet (someone) / to match, to fit, to meet / to be right, to be correct / to meet with (an accident), to be involved (in accident)

akemasu / akeruあけます/あける[開ける/空ける](No.005)

to open / to empty

akimasu / akiruあきます/あきる[飽きる](No.003)

to be tired of, to be fed up with

akimasu / akuあきます/あく[開く/空く](No.004)

to open / to become empty, to be vacant / to be free

araimasu / arauあらいます/あらう[洗う](No.015)

to wash

arimasu / aruあります/ある[在る/有る/在る](No.016)

to be (at, in, on), to exist / to have, to own / to be held

arukimasu / arukuあるきます/あるく[歩く](No.017)

to walk

asobimasu / asobuあそびます/あそぶ[遊ぶ](No.008)

to play, to spend one's time pleasurably, to enjoy

atarimasu / ataruあたります/あたる[当たる](No.010)

to hit on, to shine on / to guess right, to prove right / to win a prize

atatamemasu / atatameruあたためます/あたためる[温める/暖める](No.009)

to warm up, to heat up

atsumarimasu / atsumaruあつまります/あつまる[集まる](No.011)

to get together, to gather, to assemble, to collect

atsumemasu / atsumeruあつめます/あつめる[集める](No.012)

to collect, to gather, to call, to recruit

ayamarimasu / ayamaruあやまります/あやまる[謝る/誤る](No.014)

to apologize / to make a mistake, to fail, to be wrong

azukemasu / azukeruあずけます/あずける[預ける](No.007)

to leave thing under someone's care / to deposit


butsukarimasu / butsukaruぶつかります/ぶつかる[ぶつかる](No.198)

to run into, to hit, to clash, to bump into


chigaimasu / chigauちがいます/ちがう[違う](No.126)

to be different, to differ / to be wrong


dashimasu / dasuだします/だす[出す](No.117)

to take out, to put out / to send, to mail / to submit, to present, to release, to publish, to serve

dekakemasu / dekakeruでかけます/でかける[出かける](No.140)

to go out

dekimasu / dekiruできます/できる[できる(出来る)](No.141)

can, to be able to do, to be skillful / to be completed, to be ready / to be built up, to newly open / to be made of

demasu / deruでます/でる[出る](No.143)

to go out, come out, to appear, to be served, to be brought / to attend, to take part in / to leave, to depart


erabimasu / erabuえらびます/えらぶ[選ぶ](No.033)

to choose, to select, to elect


fuemasu / fueruふえます/ふえる[増える](No.195)

to increase, to gain, to breed

fukimasu / fukuふきます/ふく[吹く/吹く/ふく](No.196)

to blow / to breathe out, to play wind instruments / to wipe

fukumimasu / fukumuふくみます/ふくむ[含む](No.197)

to contain, to include, to hold, to retain

furikomimasu / furikomuふりこみます/ふりこむ[振り込む](No.201)

to pay through the bank

furimasu / furuふります/ふる[降る](No.202)

to fall, to rain, to snow

futorimasu / futoruふとります/ふとる[太る](No.199)

to put on weight, to gain weight, to grow fat

fuyashimasu / fuyasuふやします/ふやす[増やす](No.200)

to increase, to raise, to add


ganbarimasu / ganbaruがんばります/がんばる[がんばる(頑張る)](No.069)

to hold out, to do one's best, to put up

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