Essential Japanese Verbs

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machigaemasu / machigaeruまちがえます/まちがえる[間違える](No.207)

to make a mistake, to confuse, to get mixed up

machimasu / matsuまちます/まつ[待つ](No.208)

to wait

magarimasu / magaruまがります/まがる[曲がる](No.205)

to turn / to bend, to curve

makemasu / makeruまけます/まける[負ける/負ける](No.206)

to lose (game), to be beaten, to be defeated / to discount, to take off the price

mamorimasu / mamoruまもります/まもる[守る](No.210)

to keep, to follow, to obey (rule, regulation, one's word) / to protect, to defend, to guard

maniaimasu / maniauまにあいます/まにあう[間に合う](No.209)

to be in time, to make it in time / to be enough

mawarimasu / mawaruまわります/まわる[回る](No.212)

to turn round, to go round, to spin

mayoimasu / mayouまよいます/まよう[迷う](No.211)

to get lost / to hesitate, cannot decide, cannot make up one's mind

medachimasu / medatsuめだちます/めだつ[目立つ](No.220)

to stand out, to be noticeable, to be conspicuous

miemasu / mieruみえます/みえる[見える](No.213)

can see, to be in sight, to be visible

migakimasu / migakuみがきます/みがく[磨く](No.214)

to polish, to brush

mimasu / miruみます/みる[見る](No.218)

to watch, to see, to look

misemasu / miseruみせます/みせる[見せる](No.215)

to show

mitsukarimasu / mitsukaruみつかります/みつかる[見つかる](No.216)

to be found, to be discovered

mitsukemasu / mitsukeruみつけます/みつける[見つける](No.217)

to find, to discover

mochimasu / motsuもちます/もつ[持つ](No.224)

to carry, to hold, to have, to take / to own, to have

modorimasu / modoruもどります/もどる[戻る](No.226)

to come back, to be back / to get back to normal, to return, to regain

moemasu / moeruもえます/もえる[燃える](No.223)

to burn / to be flammable, to be combustible

mookarimasu / mookaruもうかります/もうかる[もうかる(儲かる)](No.221)

to be profitable, to make a profit

mooshikomimasu / mooshikomuもうしこみます/もうしこむ[申し込む](No.222)

to apply, to propose

moraimasu / morauもらいます/もらう[貰う](No.227)

to receive, to get, to be given

motteikimasu / motteikuもっていきます/もっていく[持って行く](No.225)

to take something to

musubimasu / musubuむすびます/むすぶ[結ぶ](No.219)

to tie, to bind / to connect, to link / to conclude, to contract


nagemasu / nageruなげます/なげる[投げる](No.158)

to throw, to pitch, to toss, to hurl

nakimasu / nakuなきます/なく[泣く/鳴く](No.155)

to cry, to weep / to bark, to roar, to mew, to sing, etc.

nakunarimasu / nakunaruなくなります/なくなる[なくなる/亡くなる](No.157)

to be missing, to disappear, to be gone / to run out / to die, to pass away

nakushimasu / nakusuなくします/なくす[なくす/亡くす](No.156)

to lose (a thing) / to eliminate, to remove, to get rid of / to lose (a person), to bereave

naorimasu / naoruなおります/なおる[直る/治す](No.154)

to be repaired, to be fixed, to be corrected / to get well, to be cured, to be healed

naoshimasu / naosuなおします/なおす[直す/治す](No.153)

to repair, to fix, to correct / to cure, to heal

narabemasu / naraberuならべます/ならべる[並べる](No.161)

to line up, to put side by side, to put in order, to display

narabimasu / narabuならびます/ならぶ[並ぶ](No.160)

to stand in a line, to queue, to line up

naraimasu / narauならいます/ならう[習う](No.159)

to learn, to take lessons

naremasu / nareruなれます/なれる[慣れる](No.163)

to get used to / to become tame / to become skilled at

narimasu / naruなります/なる[なる/生る/鳴る](No.162)

to become / to consist of, to be composed of / to bear (fruit) / to ring, to sound

nemasu / neruねます/ねる[寝る](No.170)

to go to bed, to sleep, to lie down

nemurimasu / nemuruねむります/ねむる[眠る](No.171)

to sleep

nigemasu / nigeruにげます/にげる[逃げる](No.164)

to run away, to escape, to evacuate

nimasu / niruにます/にる[似る/煮る](No.165)

to look like, to resemble, to be similar to / to boil, to stew, to simmer

nobashimasu / nobasuのばします/のばす[伸ばす/延ばす](No.174)

to make something longer, to stretch / to cultivate (abilities), to develop / to extend (period of time, area), to postpone

nobimasu / nobiruのびます/のびる[伸びる/延びる](No.175)

to grow, to progress, to become longer / to become longer, to be extended, to expand / to be postponed

noborimasu / noboruのぼります/のぼる[登る/上る/昇る](No.176)

to climb, to go up / to rise, to go up

nokorimasu / nokoruのこります/のこる[残る](No.173)

to remain, to be left over

nokoshimasu / nokosuのこします/のこす[残す](No.172)

to leave / to save, to reserve

nomimasu / nomuのみます/のむ[飲む](No.177)

to drink / to take medicine

norimasu / noruのります/のる[乗る/載る](No.178)

to ride, to get on a vehicle, to step on / to be reported, to be printed

nugimasu / nuguぬぎます/ぬぐ[脱ぐ](No.166)

to take off (clothes, shoes), to undress

nuremasu / nureruぬれます/ぬれる[ぬれる(濡れる)](No.169)

to get wet, to be moist

nurimasu / nuruぬります/ぬる[塗る](No.168)

to paint, to varnish, to color, to coat

nusumimasu / nusumuぬすみます/ぬすむ[盗む](No.167)

to steal


oboemasu / oboeruおぼえます/おぼえる[覚える](No.046)

to memorize, to remember / to learn, to master

ochimasu / ochiruおちます/おちる[落ちる](No.042)

to fall, to drop / to fail (an exam) / to come off, to come out of, to wash off

odorimasu / odoruおどります/おどる[踊る](No.044)

to dance

odorokimasu / odorokuおどろきます/おどろく[驚く](No.045)

to be surprised, to be amazed, to be shocked

okimasu / okiruおきます/おきる[起きる](No.034)

to wake up, to get up / to occur, to happen, to take place, to break out

okimasu / okuおきます/おく[置く](No.035)

to put, to place, to leave

okorimasu / okoruおこります/おこる[怒る/起る](No.039)

to get angry / to occur, to happen, to take place, to break out

okoshimasu / okosuおこします/おこす[起こす](No.038)

to cause / to raise, to stand / to wake up

okuremasu / okureruおくれます/おくれる[遅れる/後れる](No.037)

to be late for / to be delayed, to be overdue / to be behind

okurimasu / okuruおくります/おくる[送る/贈る/送る](No.036)

to send / to give a gift, to present / to see (somebody) off, to send (somebody) off

omoidashimasu / omoidasuおもいだします/おもいだす[思い出す](No.047)

to remember, to bring back to memory

omoimasu / omouおもいます/おもう[思う](No.048)

to think, to guess, to believe

orimasu / oriruおります/おりる[下りる/降りる](No.050)

to come down, to go down / to get off, to leave

oshiemasu / oshieruおしえます/おしえる[教える](No.040)

to teach / to tell, to inform, to let somebody know

oshimasu / osuおします/おす[押す](No.041)

to push, to press, to stamp

otoshimasu / otosuおとします/おとす[落とす](No.043)

to drop, to lower / to lose / to take away, to remove (dust, dirt)

owarimasu / owaruおわります/おわる[終わる](No.051)

to end, to finish, to be over

oyogimasu / oyoguおよぎます/およぐ[泳ぐ](No.049)

to swim

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