Essential Japanese Verbs

ABC Jun (Alphabetical order)

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sagarimasu / sagaruさがります/さがる[下がる](No.093)

to fall, to drop, to go down, to lower / to step back / to hang down

sagashimasu / sagasuさがします/さがす[探す/捜す](No.092)

to look for, to search

sagemasu / sageruさげます/さげる[下げる](No.095)

to lower, to bring down / to hang

sakimasu / sakuさきます/さく[咲く](No.094)

to bloom

sasoimasu / sasouさそいます/さそう[誘う](No.096)

to invite, to ask someone to do

shikarimasu / shikaruしかります/しかる[叱る](No.097)

to scold

shimaimasu / shimauしまいます/しまう[しまう](No.099)

to put away, to put back, to store

shimarimasu / shimaruしまります/しまる[閉まる](No.101)

to close, to shut

shimasu / suruします/する[する](No.100)

to do, to play / to make, to turn, to convert, to change / to cost, to be worth

shimemasu / shimeruしめます/しめる[閉める/締める/絞める](No.102)

to close, to shut / to tighten, to fasten, to tie / to strangle, to wring (a neck)

shinimasu / shinuしにます/しぬ[死ぬ](No.098)

to die

shinjimasu / shinjiruしんじます/しんじる[信じる](No.106)

to believe, to trust

shirabemasu / shiraberuしらべます/しらべる[調べる](No.104)

to check up, to find out, to look over, to examine

shirasemasu / shiraseruしらせます/しらせる[知らせる](No.103)

to inform, to let somebody know, to notice, to tell

shirimasu / shiruしります/しる[知る](No.105)

to know

sugimasu / sugiruすぎます/すぎる[過ぎる](No.108)

to pass, to exceed, to expire / to be too much, to be too many, to be over

suimasu / suuすいます/すう[吸う](No.107)

to smoke / to breathe, to inhale, to suck

sukimasu / sukuすきます/すく[すく](No.109)

to become less crowded, to be vacant / to be hungry

sumimasu / sumuすみます/すむ[住む/済む](No.112)

to live, to reside / to end, to be over

susumemasu / susumeruすすめます/すすめる[薦める/勧める/進める](No.110)

to recommend / to recommend, to advise / to put forward, to carry on

sutemasu / suteruすてます/すてる[捨てる](No.111)

to throw away, to dump

suwarimasu / suwaruすわります/すわる[座る](No.113)

to sit down, to have a seat


tabemasu / taberuたべます/たべる[食べる](No.123)

to eat

tachimasu / tatsuたちます/たつ[立つ/建つ/経つ](No.120)

to stand / to be built / to pass

tamarimasu / tamaruたまります/たまる[たまる(溜まる)/たまる](No.124)

to be accumulated, to be piled up, to be collected / to be saved, to be collected

tanomimasu / tanomuたのみます/たのむ[頼む](No.122)

to ask someone to do, to request / to order

taoremasu / taoreruたおれます/たおれる[倒れる](No.115)

to fall down, to collapse, to break down

taoshimasu / taosuたおします/たおす[倒す](No.114)

to knock down, to cut down, to blow down / to defeat, to beat

tarimasu / tariruたります/たりる[足りる](No.125)

to be enough, to be sufficient

tashikamemasu / tashikameruたしかめます/たしかめる[確かめる](No.116)

to make sure, to confirm

tasukarimasu / tasukaruたすかります/たすかる[助かる](No.118)

to be saved, to be rescued / to be helpful

tasukemasu / tasukeruたすけます/たすける[助ける](No.119)

to save, to rescue / to help, to assist, to support

tatemasu / tateruたてます/たてる[立てる/建てる](No.121)

to stand, to raise, to put up / to make a plan / to make a noise / to build

tetsudaimasu / tetsudauてつだいます/てつだう[手伝う](No.142)

to help, to assist

tobimasu / tobuとびます/とぶ[飛ぶ/跳ぶ](No.148)

to fly / to jump

todokemasu / todokeruとどけます/とどける[届ける](No.147)

to deliver

todokimasu / todokuとどきます/とどく[届く](No.146)

to arrive, to be delivered / to reach

tokemasu / tokeruとけます/とける[溶ける/解ける](No.145)

to melt, to thaw / to be solved

tomarimasu / tomaruとまります/とまる[止まる/泊まる](No.149)

to stop, to park / to stay (at hotel, inn), lodge

tomemasu / tomeruとめます/とめる[止める/泊める/留める](No.150)

to stop, to turn off, to switch off / to park / to lodge (someone), to put (someone) up, to anchor / to fasten, to attach to

toorimasu / tooruとおります/とおる[通る](No.144)

to take a road, to pass through, to pass by, to walk over / to pass, to be approved

toremasu / toreruとれます/とれる[取れる/捕れる・採れる](No.152)

to come off, to be taken off, to be removed / to be produced, to be yielded, to be caught

torimasu / toruとります/とる[取る/捕る・採る/撮る/取る・盗る](No.151)

to take, to get, to pick up, to hold / to take off, to remove / to catch, to pick / to take a picture / to steal, to snatch, to rob

tsukaimasu / tsukauつかいます/つかう[使う](No.127)

to use / to spend, to consume

tsukamarimasu / tsukamaruつかまります/つかまる[捕まる/つかまる](No.128)

to be caught, to be arrested / to hold to, to hang on

tsukaremasu / tsukareruつかれます/つかれる[疲れる](No.129)

to be tired

tsukemasu / tsukeruつけます/つける[つける/付ける](No.132)

to turn on, to switch on / to ignite, to fire, to light / to put, to attach, to add, to install

tsukimasu / tsukuつきます/つく[着く/付く/つく](No.130)

to arrive / to be included, to be installed, to stick / to be lighted, to be switched on

tsukurimasu / tsukuruつくります/つくる[作る(造る)/作る](No.131)

to make, to produce, to manufacture, to build / to cultivate, to raise / to cook

tsunagimasu / tsunaguつなぎます/つなぐ[つなぐ(繋ぐ)](No.138)

to fasten, to tie, to chain, to moor / to connect, to link, to join, to plug into

tsureteikimasu / tsureteikuつれていきます/つれていく[連れて行く](No.139)

to take somebody, to take someone along

tsutaemasu / tsutaeruつたえます/つたえる[伝える](No.133)

to tell, to report, to let somebody know

tsutomemasu / tsutomeruつとめます/つとめる[勤める](No.137)

to work for, to be employed

tsutsumimasu / tsutsumuつつみます/つつむ[包む](No.136)

to wrap, to pack, to envelop

tsuzukemasu / tsuzukeruつづけます/つづける[続ける](No.135)

to continue, to go on, to proceed

tsuzukimasu / tsuzukuつづきます/つづく[続く](No.134)

to continue, to last, to keep on / to continue, to lead

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