Essential Japanese Verbs

ABC Jun (Alphabetical order)

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ugokashimasu / ugokasuうごかします/うごかす[動かす](No.025)

to move, to shift / to start (a machine), to operate, to work, to run

ugokimasu / ugokuうごきます/うごく[動く](No.026)

to move, to shift / to operate, to function, to work, to run

ukemasu / ukeruうけます/うける[受ける](No.024)

to take (test, exam, checkup, lesson) / to suffer, to be damaged / to receive, to catch, to accept, to undertake

umaremasu / umareruうまれます/うまれる[生まれる](No.030)

to be born / to have a baby, to give birth / to arise from, to result from, to germinate

uremasu / ureruうれます/うれる[売れる](No.032)

to sell well, be in demand, be salable

urimasu / uruうります/うる[売る](No.031)

to sell

utaimasu / utauうたいます/うたう[歌う](No.027)

to sing (a song)

utsurimasu / utsuruうつります/うつる[移る/映る/写る](No.029)

to move to a place, to shift, to transfer to / to be reflected, to get good reception (on the TV) / to be copied, to be in a picture

utsushimasu / utsusuうつします/うつす[移す/映す/写す](No.028)

to move to, to transfer to, to shift to, to transplant / to reflect, to project on / to copy, to take a picture


wakaremasu / wakareruわかれます/わかれる[分かれる/別れる](No.243)

to part, to separate from, to be porced, to break up / to be pided, to split

wakarimasu / wakaruわかります/わかる[分かる](No.242)

to understand / to know, to find out

wakemasu / wakeruわけます/わける[分ける](No.244)

to pide into, to separate, to split / to share, to distribute

waraimasu / warauわらいます/わらう[笑う](No.248)

to laugh, to smile

waremasu / wareruわれます/われる[割れる](No.250)

to break, to split, to be cracked

warimasu / waruわります/わる[割る](No.249)

to break, to crack / to pide, to split

wasuremasu / wasureruわすれます/わすれる[忘れる](No.245)

to forget / to leave a thing behind, to forget to bring

watarimasu / wataruわたります/わたる[渡る](No.247)

to cross, to go (walk) across

watashimasu / watasuわたします/わたす[渡す](No.246)

to hand (out, to), to pass out to, to give


yaburemasu / yabureruやぶれます/やぶれる[破れます/敗れる](No.233)

to tear, to be torn, to be ripped / to be beaten, to lose (a game)

yakimasu / yakuやきます/やく[焼く](No.228)

to burn, to roast, to broil, to grill, to bake, to toast / to sunburn

yakushimasu / yakusuやくします/やくす[訳す](No.229)

to translate

yamemasu / yameruやめます/やめる[やめる(止める)/辞める](No.234)

to stop doing, to give up, to cancel / to resign, to quit (job, post, school), to leave

yarimasu / yaruやります/やる[やる](No.235)

to give, to feed / to do, to perform, to play

yasemasu / yaseruやせます/やせる[やせる(痩せる)](No.231)

to lose weight, to become thin, to become slim

yasumimasu / yasumuやすみます/やすむ[休む](No.230)

to take a rest, to take a break / to take a day off, to be absent

yatoimasu / yatouやといます/やとう[雇う](No.232)

to employ, to hire

yobimasu / yobuよびます/よぶ[呼ぶ](No.238)

to call, to hail / to invite

yogoremasu / yogoreruよごれます/よごれる[汚れる](No.237)

to get dirty / to be polluted

yoimasu / youよいます/よう[酔う](No.236)

to get drunk / to feel sick

yomimasu / yomuよみます/よむ[読む](No.239)

to read

yorimasu / yoruよります/よる[寄る](No.240)

to stop by, to drop in / to come near, to go to (near, close)

yorokobimasu / yorokobuよろこびます/よろこぶ[喜ぶ](No.241)

to be pleased, to be delighted, to be happy

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