Essential Japanese Verbs

50-On Jun (a.i.u.e.o-jun : Kana syllabary order)

A - あ

001.aimasu / auあいます/あう[会う/合う/遭う]

to meet (someone) / to match, to fit, to meet / to be right, to be correct /
to meet with (an accident), to be involved (in accident)

002. agarimasu / agaruあがります/あがる[上がる]

to go up, to rise / to enter (a house) / to get nervous

003.akimasu / akiruあきます/あきる[飽きる]

to be tired of, to be fed up with

004.akimasu / akuあきます/あく[開く/空く]

to open / to become empty, to be vacant / to be free

005.akemasu / akeruあけます/あける[開ける/空ける]

to open / to empty

006.agemasu / ageruあげます/あげる[あげる/上げる/挙げる]

to give, to present / to raise, to increase / to lift up, to bring up, to raise / to list, to mention, to raise

Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko
Sa Shi Su Se So
Ta Chi Tsu Te To
Na Ni Nu Ne No
Ha Hi Fu He Ho
Ma Mi Mu Me Mo
Ya Yu Yo
Ra Ri Ru Re Ro

007.azukemasu / azukeruあずけます/あずける[預ける]

to leave thing under someone's care / to deposit

008.asobimasu / asobuあそびます/あそぶ[遊ぶ]

to play, to spend one's time pleasurably, to enjoy

009.atatamemasu / atatameruあたためます/あたためる[温める/暖める]

to warm up, to heat up

010.atarimasu / ataruあたります/あたる[当たる]

to hit on, to shine on / to guess right, to prove right / to win a prize

011.atsumarimasu / atsumaruあつまります/あつまる[集まる]

to get together, to gather, to assemble, to collect

012.atsumemasu / atsumeruあつめます/あつめる[集める]

to collect, to gather, to call, to recruit

013.abimasu / abiruあびます/あびる[浴びる]

to take a shower, to bathe / to bask / to expose oneself to criticism or praise, to be subjected to

014.ayamarimasu / ayamaruあやまります/あやまる[謝る/誤る]

to apologize / to make a mistake, to fail, to be wrong

015.araimasu / arauあらいます/あらう[洗う]

to wash

016.arimasu / aruあります/ある[在る/有る/在る]

to be (at, in, on), to exist / to have, to own / to be held

017.arukimasu / arukuあるきます/あるく[歩く]

to walk

I - い

018.iimasu / iuいいます/いう[言う]

to say, to tell

019.ikimasu / ikuいきます/いく[行く]

to go

020.isogimasu / isoguいそぎます/いそぐ[急ぐ]

to hurry, to be in a hurry, to rush

021.imasu / iruいます/いる[いる(居る)]

to be (at, in, on), to stay (used for animate things) / to have (animate things)

022.irimasu / iruいります/いる[要る]

to need

023.iremasu / ireruいれます/いれる[入れる]

to put in, to pour in / to include, to add / to switch on / to make a drink, to serve a drink

U - う

024.ukemasu / ukeruうけます/うける[受ける]

to take (test, exam, checkup, lesson) / to suffer, to be damaged / to receive, to catch, to accept, to undertake

025.ugokashimasu / ugokasuうごかします/うごかす[動かす]

to move, to shift / to start (a machine), to operate, to work, to run

026.ugokimasu / ugokuうごきます/うごく[動く]

to move, to shift / to operate, to function, to work, to run

027.utaimasu / utauうたいます/うたう[歌う]

to sing (a song)

028.utsushimasu / utsusuうつします/うつす[移す/映す/写す]

to move to, to transfer to, to shift to, to transplant / to reflect, to project on / to copy, to take a picture

029.utsurimasu / utsuruうつります/うつる[移る/映る/写る]

to move to a place, to shift, to transfer to / to be reflected, to get good reception (on the TV) / to be copied, to be in a picture

030.umaremasu / umareruうまれます/うまれる[生まれる]

to be born / to have a baby, to give birth / to arise from, to result from, to germinate

031.urimasu / uruうります/うる[売る]

to sell

032.uremasu / ureruうれます/うれる[売れる]

to sell well, be in demand, be salable

E - え

033.erabimasu / erabuえらびます/えらぶ[選ぶ]

to choose, to select, to elect

O - お

034.okimasu / okiruおきます/おきる[起きる]

to wake up, to get up / to occur, to happen, to take place, to break out

035.okimasu / okuおきます/おく[置く]

to put, to place, to leave

036.okurimasu / okuruおくります/おくる[送る/贈る/送る]

to send / to give a gift, to present / to see (somebody) off, to send (somebody) off

037.okuremasu / okureruおくれます/おくれる[遅れる/後れる]

to be late for / to be delayed, to be overdue / to be behind

038.okoshimasu / okosuおこします/おこす[起こす]

to cause / to raise, to stand / to wake up

039.okorimasu / okoruおこります/おこる[怒る/起る]

to get angry / to occur, to happen, to take place, to break out

040.oshiemasu / oshieruおしえます/おしえる[教える]

to teach / to tell, to inform, to let somebody know

041.oshimasu / osuおします/おす[押す]

to push, to press, to stamp

042.ochimasu / ochiruおちます/おちる[落ちる]

to fall, to drop / to fail (an exam) / to come off, to come out of, to wash off

043.otoshimasu / otosuおとします/おとす[落とす]

to drop, to lower / to lose / to take away, to remove (dust, dirt)

044.odorimasu / odoruおどります/おどる[踊る]

to dance

045.odorokimasu / odorokuおどろきます/おどろく[驚く]

to be surprised, to be amazed, to be shocked

046.oboemasu / oboeruおぼえます/おぼえる[覚える]

to memorize, to remember / to learn, to master

047.omoidashimasu / omoidasuおもいだします/おもいだす[思い出す]

to remember, to bring back to memory

048.omoimasu / omouおもいます/おもう[思う]

to think, to guess, to believe

049.oyogimasu / oyoguおよぎます/およぐ[泳ぐ]

to swim

050.orimasu / oriruおります/おりる[下りる/降りる]

to come down, to go down / to get off, to leave

051.owarimasu / owaruおわります/おわる[終わる]

to end, to finish, to be over

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