Essential Japanese Verbs

50-On Jun (a.i.u.e.o-jun : Kana syllabary order)

Ka - か・が

052.kaimasu / kauかいます/かう[買う/飼う]

to buy / to keep pets, to raise (animals)

053.kaeshimasu / kaesuかえします/かえす[返す]

to return something, to give back

054.kaemasu / kaeruかえます/かえる[変える/替える/換える/代える]

to change, to exchange, to replace

055.kaerimasu / kaeruかえります/かえる[帰る]

to return, to go back, to go home

056.kakarimasu / kakaruかかります/かかる[掛かる]

to take time, to cost / to hang

Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko
Sa Shi Su Se So
Ta Chi Tsu Te To
Na Ni Nu Ne No
Ha Hi Fu He Ho
Ma Mi Mu Me Mo
Ya Yu Yo
Ra Ri Ru Re Ro

057.kakimasu / kakuかきます/かく[書く/描く]

to write / to draw, to paint

058.kakemasu / kakeruかけます/かける[掛ける]

to hang, to cover / to pour on, to sprinkle on / to sit down, to take a seat / to multiply / to telephone / to lock / to spend (money or time) / to wear (glasses) / to start (engine)

059.kashimasu / kasuかします/かす[貸す]

to lend, to rent to, to let someone use something / to give a helping hand

060.kazoemasu / kazoeruかぞえます/かぞえる[数える]

to count

061.katazukemau / katazukeruかたづけます/かたづける[片付ける]

to put in order, to tidy up, to put away / to finish work

062.kachimasu / katsuかちます/かつ[勝つ]

to win

063.kayoimasu / kayouかよいます/かよう[通う]

to commute, to go often, to attend (school, class)

064.karimasu / kariruかります/かりる[借りる]

to borrow / to rent from, to take out a loan

065.kawashimasu / kawasuかわかします/かわかす[乾かす]

to dry

066.kawakimasu / kawakuかわきます/かわく[乾く/渇く]

to be dry / to be thirsty

067.kawarimasu / kawaruかわります/かわる[変わる/替わる/換わる/代わる]

to change, to vary, to turn into, to replace

068.kangaemasu / kangaeruかんがえます/かんがえる[考える]

to think, to consider

069.ganbarimasu / ganbaruがんばります/がんばる[がんばる(頑張る)]

to hold out, to do one's best, to put up

Ki - き

070.kiemasu / kieruきえます/きえる[消える]

to go out, to go off / to disappear, to vanish

071.kikimasu / kikuききます/きく[聴く(聞く)/聞く/効く(利く)]

to listen, to hear / to ask, to inquire / to be effective, to have an effect

072.kikoemasu / kikoeruきこえます/きこえる[聞こえる]

to be audible, can hear

073.kimasu / kiruきます/きる[着る]

to wear, to put on

074.kimasu / kuruきます/くる[来る]

to come / to arrive, to receive

075.kimarimasu / kimaruきまります/きまる[決まる]

to be decided, to be settled, to be fixed

076.kimemasu / kimeruきめます/きめる[決める]

to decide, to make up one's mind, to settle on / to choose

077.kirimasu / kiruきります/きる[切る]

to cut / to hang up (a phone), to switch off

078.kiremasu / kireruきれます/きれる[切れる]

to come apart, to break, to be disconnected / to run out, to be out of stock / to expire / to be sharp, to cut well

Ku - く

079.kumorimasu / kumoruくもります/くもる[曇る]

to become cloudy, to be gloomy / to get misted, to get fogged

080.kurabemasu / kuraberuくらべます/くらべる[比べる]

to compare

081.kuremasu / kureruくれます/くれる[くれる]

to give (something to the speaker)

Ke - け

082.keshimasu / kesuけします/けす[消す]

to switch off, to turn off / to erase / to extinguish

Ko - こ

083.koemasu / koeruこえます/こえる[越える/超える]

to pass, to cross, to go over / to exceed, to be over

084.kotaemasu / kotaeruこたえます/こたえる[答える/応える]

to answer, to reply, to respond / to repay, to reward

085.kotowarimasu / kotowaruことわります/ことわる[断る]

to refuse, to decline, to turn down, to reject

086.komarimasu / komaruこまります/こまる[困る]

to be in trouble, to be embarrassed

087.komimasu / komuこみます/こむ[込む]

to be crowded

088.koroshimasu / korosuころします/ころす[殺す]

to kill, to murder

089.korobimasu / korobuころびます/ころぶ[転ぶ]

to fall down, to tumble down

090.kowashimasu / kowasuこわします/こわす[壊す]

to break, to destroy, to tear down

091.kowaremasu / kowareruこわれます/こわれる[壊れる]

to break, to be damaged, to be out of order

Sa - さ

092.sagashimasu / sagasuさがします/さがす[探す/捜す]

to look for, to search

093.sagarimasu / sagaruさがります/さがる[下がる]

to fall, to drop, to go down, to lower / to step back / to hang down

094.sakimasu / sakuさきます/さく[咲く]

to bloom

095.sagemasu / sageruさげます/さげる[下げる]

to lower, to bring down / to hang

096.sasoimasu / sasouさそいます/さそう[誘う]

to invite, to ask someone to do

Shi - し

097.shikarimasu / shikaruしかります/しかる[叱る]

to scold

098.shinimasu / shinuしにます/しぬ[死ぬ]

to die

099.shimaimasu / shimauしまいます/しまう[しまう]

to put away, to put back, to store

100.shimasu / suruします/する[する]

to do, to play / to make, to turn, to convert, to change / to cost, to be worth

101.shimarimasu / shimaruしまります/しまる[閉まる]

to close, to shut

102.shimemasu / shimeruしめます/しめる[閉める/締める/絞める]

to close, to shut / to tighten, to fasten, to tie / to strangle, to wring (a neck)

103.shirasemasu / shiraseruしらせます/しらせる[知らせる]

to inform, to let somebody know, to notice, to tell

104.shirabemasu / shiraberuしらべます/しらべる[調べる]

to check up, to find out, to look over, to examine

105.shirimasu / shiruしります/しる[知る]

to know

106.shinjimasu / shinjiruしんじます/しんじる[信じる]

to believe, to trust

Su - す

107.suimasu / suuすいます/すう[吸う]

to smoke / to breathe, to inhale, to suck

108.sugimasu / sugiruすぎます/すぎる[過ぎる]

to pass, to exceed, to expire / to be too much, to be too many, to be over

109.sukimasu / sukuすきます/すく[すく]

to become less crowded, to be vacant / to be hungry

110.susumemasu / susumeruすすめます/すすめる[薦める/勧める/進める]

to recommend / to recommend, to advise / to put forward, to carry on

111.sutemasu / suteruすてます/すてる[捨てる]

to throw away, to dump

112.sumimasu / sumuすみます/すむ[住む/済む]

to live, to reside / to end, to be over

113.suwarimasu / suwaruすわります/すわる[座る]

to sit down, to have a seat

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