Essential Japanese Verbs

50-On Jun (a.i.u.e.o-jun : Kana syllabary order)

Ta - た・だ

114.taoshimasu / taosuたおします/たおす[倒す]

to knock down, to cut down, to blow down / to defeat, to beat

115.taoremasu / taoreruたおれます/たおれる[倒れる]

to fall down, to collapse, to break down

116.tashikamemasu / tashikameruたしかめます/たしかめる[確かめる]

to make sure, to confirm

117.dashimasu / dasuだします/だす[出す]

to take out, to put out / to send, to mail / to submit, to present, to release, to publish, to serve

118.tasukarimasu / tasukaruたすかります/たすかる[助かる]

to be saved, to be rescued / to be helpful

119.tasukemasu / tasukeruたすけます/たすける[助ける]

to save, to rescue / to help, to assist, to support

Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko
Sa Shi Su Se So
Ta Chi Tsu Te To
Na Ni Nu Ne No
Ha Hi Fu He Ho
Ma Mi Mu Me Mo
Ya Yu Yo
Ra Ri Ru Re Ro

120.tachimasu / tatsuたちます/たつ[立つ/建つ/経つ]

to stand / to be built / to pass

121.tatemasu / tateruたてます/たてる[立てる/建てる]

to stand, to raise, to put up / to make a plan / to make a noise / to build

122.tanomimasu / tanomuたのみます/たのむ[頼む]

to ask someone to do, to request / to order

123.tabemasu / taberuたべます/たべる[食べる]

to eat

124.tamarimasu / tamaruたまります/たまる[たまる(溜まる)/たまる]

to be accumulated, to be piled up, to be collected / to be saved, to be collected

125.tarimasu / tariruたります/たりる[足りる]

to be enough, to be sufficient

Chi - ち

126.chigaimasu / chigauちがいます/ちがう[違う]

to be different, to differ / to be wrong

Tsu - つ

127.tsukaimasu / tsukauつかいます/つかう[使う]

to use / to spend, to consume

128.tsukamarimasu / tsukamaruつかまります/つかまる[捕まる/つかまる]

to be caught, to be arrested / to hold to, to hang on

129.tsukaremasu / tsukareruつかれます/つかれる[疲れる]

to be tired

130.tsukimasu / tskuつきます/つく[着く/付く/つく]

to arrive / to be included, to be installed, to stick / to be lighted, to be switched on

131.tsukurimasu / tsukuruつくります/つくる[作る(造る)/作る]

to make, to produce, to manufacture, to build / to cultivate, to raise / to cook

132.tsukemasu / tsukeruつけます/つける[つける/付ける]

to turn on, to switch on / to ignite, to fire, to light / to put, to attach, to add, to install

133.tsutaemasu / tsutaeruつたえます/つたえる[伝える]

to tell, to report, to let somebody know

134.tsuzukimasu / tsuzukuつづきます/つづく[続く]

to continue, to last, to keep on / to continue, to lead

135.tsuzukemasu / tsuzukeruつづけます/つづける[続ける]

to continue, to go on, to proceed

136.tsustumimasu / tsutsumuつつみます/つつむ[包む]

to wrap, to pack, to envelop

137.tsutomemasu / tsutomeruつとめます/つとめる[勤める]

to work for, to be employed

138.tsunagimasu / tsunaguつなぎます/つなぐ[つなぐ(繋ぐ)]

to fasten, to tie, to chain, to moor / to connect, to link, to join, to plug into

139.tsureteikimasu / tsureteikuつれていきます/つれていく[連れて行く]

to take somebody, to take someone along

Te - て・で

140.dekakemasu / dekakeruでかけます/でかける[出かける]

to go out

141.dekimasu / dekiruできます/できる[できる(出来る)]

can, to be able to do, to be skillful / to be completed, to be ready / to be built up, to newly open / to be made of

142.tetsudaimasu / tetsudauてつだいます/てつだう[手伝う]

to help, to assist

143.demasu / deruでます/でる[出る]

to go out, come out, to appear, to be served, to be brought / to attend, to take part in / to leave, to depart

To - と

144.toorimasu / tooruとおります/とおる[通る]

to take a road, to pass through, to pass by, to walk over / to pass, to be approved

145.tokemasu / tokeruとけます/とける[溶ける/解ける]

to melt, to thaw / to be solved

146.todokimasu / todokuとどきます/とどく[届く]

to arrive, to be delivered / to reach

147.todokemasu / todokeruとどけます/とどける[届ける]

to deliver

148.tobimasu / tobuとびます/とぶ[飛ぶ/跳ぶ]

to fly / to jump

149.tomarimasu / tomaruとまります/とまる[止まる/泊まる]

to stop, to park / to stay (at hotel, inn), lodge

150.tomemasu / tomeruとめます/とめる[止める/泊める/留める]

to stop, to turn off, to switch off / to park / to lodge (someone), to put (someone) up, to anchor / to fasten, to attach to

151.torimasu / toruとります/とる[取る/捕る・採る/撮る/取る・盗る]

to take, to get, to pick up, to hold / to take off, to remove / to catch, to pick / to take a picture / to steal, to snatch, to rob

152.toremasu / toreruとれます/とれる[取れる/捕れる・採れる]

to come off, to be taken off, to be removed / to be produced, to be yielded, to be caught

Na - な

153.naoshimasu / naosuなおします/なおす[直す/治す]

to repair, to fix, to correct / to cure, to heal

154.naorimasu / naoruなおります/なおる[直る/治す]

to be repaired, to be fixed, to be corrected / to get well, to be cured, to be healed

155.nakimasu / nakuなきます/なく[泣く/鳴く]

to cry, to weep / to bark, to roar, to mew, to sing, etc.

156.nakushimasu / nakusuなくします/なくす[なくす/亡くす]

to lose (a thing) / to eliminate, to remove, to get rid of / to lose (a person), to bereave

157.nakunarimasu / nakunaruなくなります/なくなる[なくなる/亡くなる]

to be missing, to disappear, to be gone / to run out / to die, to pass away

158.nagemasu / nageruなげます/なげる[投げる]

to throw, to pitch, to toss, to hurl

159.naraimasu / narauならいます/ならう[習う]

to learn, to take lessons

160.narabimasu / narabuならびます/ならぶ[並ぶ]

to stand in a line, to queue, to line up

161.narabemasu / naraberuならべます/ならべる[並べる]

to line up, to put side by side, to put in order, to display

162.narimasu / naruなります/なる[なる/生る/鳴る]

to become / to consist of, to be composed of / to bear (fruit) / to ring, to sound

163.naremasu / nareruなれます/なれる[慣れる]

to get used to / to become tame / to become skilled at

Ni - に

164.nigemasu / nigeruにげます/にげる[逃げる]

to run away, to escape, to evacuate

165.nimasu / niruにます/にる[似る/煮る]

to look like, to resemble, to be similar to / to boil, to stew, to simmer

Nu - ぬ

166.nugimasu / nuguぬぎます/ぬぐ[脱ぐ]

to take off (clothes, shoes), to undress

167.nusumimasu / nusumuぬすみます/ぬすむ[盗む]

to steal

168.nurimasu / nuruぬります/ぬる[塗る]

to paint, to varnish, to color, to coat

169.nuremasu / nureruぬれます/ぬれる[ぬれる(濡れる)]

to get wet, to be moist

Ne - ね

170.nemasu / neruねます/ねる[寝る]

to go to bed, to sleep, to lie down

171.nemurimasu / nemuruねむります/ねむる[眠る]

to sleep

No - の

172.nokoshimasu / nokosuのこします/のこす[残す]

to leave / to save, to reserve

173.nokorimasu / nokoruのこります/のこる[残る]

to remain, to be left over

174.nobashimasu / nobasuのばします/のばす[伸ばす/延ばす]

to make something longer, to stretch / to cultivate (abilities), to develop / to extend (period of time, area), to postpone

175.nobimasu / nobiruのびます/のびる[伸びる/延びる]

to grow, to progress, to become longer / to become longer, to be extended, to expand / to be postponed

176.noborimasu / noboruのぼります/のぼる[登る/上る/昇る]

to climb, to go up / to rise, to go up

177.nomimasu / nomuのみます/のむ[飲む]

to drink / to take medicine

178.norimasu / noruのります/のる[乗る/載る]

to ride, to get on a vehicle, to step on / to be reported, to be printed

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