Essential Japanese Verbs

50-On Jun (a.i.u.e.o-jun : Kana syllabary order)

Ha - は

179.hairimsau / hairuはいります/はいる[入る]

to go in, to enter / to join / to be contained, to be included, to be in

180.hakarimasu / hakaruはかります/はかる[測る/量る/計る]

to measure, to weigh

181.hakimasu / hakuはきます/はく[履く/吐く]

to put on, to wear (something below one's waist) / to throw up, to vomit, to breathe out

182.hakobimasu / hakobuはこびます/はこぶ[運ぶ]

to carry, to transport, to convey

183.hajimarimasu / hajimaruはじまります/はじまる[始まる]

to begin, to start

Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko
Sa Shi Su Se So
Ta Chi Tsu Te To
Na Ni Nu Ne No
Ha Hi Fu He Ho
Ma Mi Mu Me Mo
Ya Yu Yo
Ra Ri Ru Re Ro

184.hajimemasu / hajimeruはじめます/はじめる[始める]

to begin, to start

185.hashirimasu / hashiruはしります/はしる[走る]

to run

186.hatarakimasu / hatarakuはたらきます/はたらく[働く]

to work

187.hanashimasu / hanasuはなします/はなす[話す/離す]

to speak, to talk / to detach, to keep away

188.hayarimasu / hayaruはやります/はやる[はやる(流行る)]

to be popular, to be in fashion / to go around, to spread

189.haraimasu / harauはらいます/はらう[払う]

to pay / to brush off

190.harimasu / haruはります/はる[はる(貼る)/張る]

to paste, to stick, to put on / to stretch, to spread, to pitch

191.haremau / hareruはれます/はれる[晴れる/はれる]

to clear up (weather, suspicion, feeling) / to swell, to be swollen

Hi - ひ

192.hikimasu / hikuひきます/ひく[引く/弾く/ひく]

to pull / to draw (a line), to install (gas, water, electricity) / to subtract, to reduce / to play string or keyboard instruments / to catch a cold

193.hikkoshimasu / hikkosuひっこします/ひっこす[引っ越す]

to move to, to relocate

194.hiroimasu / hirouひろいます/ひろう[拾う]

to pick up, to find

Fu - ふ

195.fuemasu / fueruふえます/ふえる[増える]

to increase, to gain, to breed

196.fukimasu / fukuふきます/ふく[吹く/吹く/ふく]

to blow / to breathe out, to play wind instruments / to wipe

197.fukumimasu / fukumuふくみます/ふくむ[含む]

to contain, to include, to hold, to retain

198.butsukarimasu / butsukaruぶつかります/ぶつかる[ぶつかる]

to run into, to hit, to clash, to bump into

199.futorimasu / futoruふとります/ふとる[太る]

to put on weight, to gain weight, to grow fat

200.fuyashimasu / fuyasuふやします/ふやす[増やす]

to increase, to raise, to add

201.furikomimasu / furikomuふりこみます/ふりこむ[振り込む]

to pay through the bank

202.furimsu / furuふります/ふる[降る]

to fall, to rain, to snow

He - へ

203.herashimasu / herasuへらします/へらす[減らす]

to reduce, to cut down, to decrease

204.herimasu / heruへります/へる[減る]

to decrease, to get less / to be hungry

Ma - ま

205.magarimasu / magaruまがります/まがる[曲がる]

to turn / to bend, to curve

206.makemasu / makeruまけます/まける[負ける/負ける]

to lose (game), to be beaten, to be defeated / to discount, to take off the price

207.machigaemasu / machigaeruまちがえます/まちがえる[間違える]

to make a mistake, to confuse, to get mixed up

208.machimasu / matsuまちます/まつ[待つ]

to wait

209.maniaimasu / maniauまにあいます/まにあう[間に合う]

to be in time, to make it in time / to be enough

210.mamorimasu / mamoruまもります/まもる[守る]

to keep, to follow, to obey (rule, regulation, one's word) / to protect, to defend, to guard

211.mayoimasu / mayouまよいます/まよう[迷う]

to get lost / to hesitate, cannot decide, cannot make up one's mind

212.mawarimasu / mawaruまわります/まわる[回る]

to turn round, to go round, to spin

Mi - み

213.miemasu / mieruみえます/みえる[見える]

can see, to be in sight, to be visible

214.migakimasu / migakuみがきます/みがく[磨く]

to polish, to brush

215.misemasu / miseruみせます/みせる[見せる]

to show

216.mitsukarimasu / mitsukaruみつかります/みつかる[見つかる]

to be found, to be discovered

217.mitsukemasu / mitsukeruみつけます/みつける[見つける]

to find, to discover

218.mimasu / miruみます/みる[見る]

to watch, to see, to look

Mu - む

219.musubimasu / musubuむすびます/むすぶ[結ぶ]

to tie, to bind / to connect, to link / to conclude, to contract

Me - め

220.medachimasu / medatsuめだちます/めだつ[目立つ]

to stand out, to be noticeable, to be conspicuous

Mo - も

221.mookarimasu / mookaruもうかります/もうかる[もうかる(儲かる)]

to be profitable, to make a profit

222.mooshikomimasu / mooshikomuもうしこみます/もうしこむ[申し込む]

to apply, to propose

223.moemasu / moeruもえます/もえる[燃える]

to burn / to be flammable, to be combustible

224.mochimasu / motsuもちます/もつ[持つ]

to carry, to hold, to have, to take / to own, to have

225.motteikimasu / motteikuもっていきます/もっていく[持って行く]

to take something to

226.modorimasu / modoruもどります/もどる[戻る]

to come back, to be back / to get back to normal, to return, to regain

227.moraimasu / morauもらいます/もらう[貰う]

to receive, to get, to be given

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