Essential Japanese Verbs

50-On Jun (a.i.u.e.o-jun : Kana syllabary order)

Ya - や

228.yakimasu / yakuやきます/やく[焼く]

to burn, to roast, to broil, to grill, to bake, to toast / to sunburn

229.yakushimasu / yakusuやくします/やくす[訳す]

to translate

230.yasumimasu / yasumuやすみます/やすむ[休む]

to take a rest, to take a break / to take a day off, to be absent

231.yasemasu / yaseruやせます/やせる[やせる(痩せる)]

to lose weight, to become thin, to become slim

232.yatoimasu / yatouやといます/やとう[雇う]

to employ, to hire

233.yaburemasu / yabureruやぶれます/やぶれる[破れます/敗れる]

to tear, to be torn, to be ripped / to be beaten, to lose (a game)

234.yamemasu / yameruやめます/やめる[やめる(止める)/辞める]

to stop doing, to give up, to cancel / to resign, to quit (job, post, school), to leave

235.yarimasu / yaruやります/やる[やる]

to give, to feed / to do, to perform, to play

Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko
Sa Shi Su Se So
Ta Chi Tsu Te To
Na Ni Nu Ne No
Ha Hi Fu He Ho
Ma Mi Mu Me Mo
Ya Yu Yo
Ra Ri Ru Re Ro

Yo - よ

236.yoimasu / youよいます/よう[酔う]

to get drunk / to feel sick

237.yogoremasu / yogoreruよごれます/よごれる[汚れる]

to get dirty / to be polluted

238.yobimasu / yobuよびます/よぶ[呼ぶ]

to call, to hail / to invite

239.yomimasu / yomuよみます/よむ[読む]

to read

240.yorimasu / yoruよります/よる[寄る]

to stop by, to drop in / to come near, to go to (near, close)

241.yorokobimasu / yorokobuよろこびます/よろこぶ[喜ぶ]

to be pleased, to be delighted, to be happy

Wa - わ

242.wakarimasu / wakaruわかります/わかる[分かる]

to understand / to know, to find out

243.wakaremasu / wakareruわかれます/わかれる[分かれる/別れる]

to part, to separate from, to be divorced, to break up / to be divided, to split

244.wakemasu / wakeruわけます/わける[分ける]

to divide into, to separate, to split / to share, to distribute

245.wasuremasu / wasureruわすれます/わすれる[忘れる]

to forget / to leave a thing behind, to forget to bring

246.watashimasu / watasuわたします/わたす[渡す]

to hand (out, to), to pass out to, to give

247.watarimasu / wataruわたります/わたる[渡る]

to cross, to go (walk) across

248.waraimasu / warauわらいます/わらう[笑う]

to laugh, to smile

249.warimasu / waruわります/わる[割る]

to break, to crack / to divide, to split

250.waremasu / wareruわれます/われる[割れる]

to break, to split, to be cracked

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