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Can you take a seat on the train?

can do, be able to do

Dialogue 1

Smith:Katoo-san, tsuukin jikan wa donogurai desu ka?
Katoo:Katamichi 1-jikan desu.
Smith:Ja, mai-nichi oofuku 2-jikan desu ne.
Katoo:Ee. Tsuukin de tsukaremasu yo.
Smith:Densha de suwaru koto ga dekimasu ka?
Katoo:Iie, densha wa kondeimasu kara, suwaru koto ga dekimasen.
Smith:Nan-ji goro uchi ni kaerimasu ka?
Katoo:Taitei 8-ji ka, 9-ji goro kaerimasu. Kinoo wa 11-ji ni kaerimashita.
Smith:11-ji. Taihen desu ne.
Katoo:Ee. Motto hayaku kaeri-tai desu.
Demo, mai-nichi isogashii kara, hayaku kaeru koto ga dekimasen.
Smith:Katoo, how long does it take for you to commute?
Katoo:It takes an hour one way.
Smith:So it's two hours per day for a round trip.
Katoo:Yes. I get tired from commuting.
Smith:Can you take a seat on the train?
Katoo:No, the train is crowded so I cannot take a seat.
Smith:Around what time do you get home?
Katoo:Most of the time I get home around 8 or 9 o'clock. Yesterday I got home at 11 o'clock.
Smith:11 o'clock. That's hard work.
Katoo:Yes. I want to go home earlier.
But everyday is a busy day, I cannot go home early.

Dialogue 2

Katoo:Sore wa nan desu ka?
Susan:Nihon ryoori no hon desu.
Katoo:Nihon ryoori?
Susan-san wa Nihon ryoori o tsukuru koto ga dekimasu ka?
Susan:Ee, sukoshi.
Katoo:Nani o tsukurimasu ka?
Susan:Sushi ya Tenpura o tsukurimasu.
Katoo:Yoku Nihon ryoori o tsukurimasu ka?
Susan:Saikin amari tsukurimasen. Isogashii desu kara.
Demo, Oosutoraria de yoku tsukurimashita.
Katoo:Oosutoraria de Nihon ryoori no zairyoo o kau koto ga dekimasu ka?
Susan:Ee. Nihon no depaato ga arimasu.
Dakara, soko de kau koto ga dekimasu.
Katoo:What is it?
Susan:It's a book about Japanese food.
Katoo:Japanese food? Can you cook Japanese food?
Susan:Yes, a little.
Katoo:What do you cook?
Susan:I make such as Sushi and Tempura.
Katoo:Do you often cook Japanese food?
Susan:Not so much lately. I'm busy. But I used to cook often in Australia.
Katoo:Can you buy ingredients for Japanese food in Australia?
Susan:Yes. There is a Japanese department store. So I can buy them there.
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