Suru Verbs

For Upper Beginners and Intermediate learners

Here, we introduce "Suru-Verb" which can be a noun or a verb with shimasu / suru.


Fukushuu suru(復習)

review of the lessons / to review the lessons


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Akushu suru(握手)

handshake / to shake hands

Annai suru(案内)

guidance, notice, invitation / to guide, show, lead

Benkyoo suru(勉強)

study / to study, learn

Chuumon suru(注文)

order, request, demand / to order, make a request

Hakushu suru(拍手)

clap, applause / to clap one's hands, applaud

Hatsubai suru(発売)

release, sale / to release, put on sale, put on on the market

Hoosoo suru(放送)

broadcasting, announcement / to broadcast, announce, go on the air

Hozon suru(保存)

preservation / to preserve, keep, save

Iden suru(遺伝)

heredity, inheritance / to inherit from, be inherited, run in the family

Insatsu suru(印刷)

print, printing / to print

Jiman suru(自慢)

brag, boast, pride / to brag about, boast about, be proud of

Kakudai suru(拡大)

expansion, extension, magnification, enlargement, escalation / expand, extend, magnify, enlarge, escalate

Kansen suru(感染)

infection, contagion / to infect, be infected, catch a disease

Kenka suru(喧嘩)

quarrel, argument, squabble, fight / to quarrel, argue, squabble, fight

Kookai suru(公開)

open, release, exhibition, disclosure / to open, release, exhibit, disclose

Kooshin suru(更新)

renewal, update, breaking the record / to renew, update, break the record, set a new record

Kyuukei suru(休憩)

(short) break, rest, intermission, interval / to take a (short) break, rest

Ninshin suru(妊娠)

pregnancy, conception / to get pregnant

Shiboo suru(死亡)

death / to die, pass away, be killed

Shoototsu suru(衝突)

collision, crash, clash, conflict / to collide, crash, clash, conflict, bump into, run into

Taishoku suru(退職)

resignation / to resign from the company, quit one's job

Tsuika suru(追加)

addition, supplement / to add

Yuushoo suru(優勝)

victory, first place, championship / to win a championship (pennant, title, first place)

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