Japanese Words 2000 - Level 2 : 500

We carefully selected 2,000 important words and introduced here with audio.
You must know these words to speak Japanese.


One set contains 10 words each.

51. dangerous, rise, distance, greeting, not much, you,
elder sister, elder brother, relief, safe
52. blue, wash, by walking, walk, day after tomorrow, there,
after, thick, thickness, occasion

53. double, program, convenient, lunchbox, be surprised, ballpoint pen,
parts, prices, grammar, be different
54. region, power, Earth, knowledge, saving money, breakfast,
a little, junior high school, junior high school student, order
55. cancellation, lunch, university, college student, all right, only,
no, man, group, can do
56. appear, but, tradition, traditional, how,
which, how long, why, how
57. please, unmarried, effort, postpone, inconvenient, everyday,
everyday clothes, real estate agent, increase, impossible
58. grocery bag, complicated, fall, two people, two, thick,
thickness, ordinary, husband and wife, student
59. foreign language, foreigner, drama, theater, cause, now,
silver, May, garbage, garbage can
60. pass an exam, total, width, August, enter, actor,
ashtray, start, first, the first time
61. wear, discovery, fireworks, half, announcement, pay,
flag, field, work, pronunciation
62. early, speed, be embarrassed, weekday, peace, reply,
change, decrease, unskillful, rent
63. mustache, house-moving, low, not busy, date,
quality, daytime, expense, insurance
64. bookshelf, genuine, true, translation, report, platform,
star, want, thin, save
65. hundred, stomach, the best, say, more than, less than,
pond, opinion, one month, be at
66. countryside, printing, insert, need, various, dolphin,
one week, always, five, rock
67. oneself, car, automatically, time table, shrine, actual,
freedom, unreserved seat, boarding ticket, information
68. situation, woman, actress, October, November, December,
traffic jam, win, change, replace
69. overseas, overseas travel, ticket gate, office worker,
conversation, housework, price, confirmation, local train, sad
70. ideas, consider, sightseeing, tourist spot, tourist, spectator,
environment, canned food, borrow, singer
71. shoulder, hard, home, activity, volcano, number,
calculation, contract, economy, result
72. smoky, smoke, ticket, prefecture, health, health insurance,
checkup, search, this morning, switch off
73. make-up, cosmetics, conclusion, hope, basis, basic,
yellow, chance, machine, term
74. danger, return, wear, Japanese Kimono, decide, feeling,
gold, neighborhood, prohibition, temperature
75. dislike, cut, rule, voice, here, nine,
tonight, tonight, next time, be crowded
76. exchange, advertisement, high school, high school student,
high-class, update, expressway, account, waist, answer
77. scary, neck, September, whale, grass, weed, air,
detailed, full, know much, be familiar with, cancel, permission, interest
78. education, classroom, textbook, cooperation, competition, distance,
holiday, vacation, a rest, salary
79. express train, super express, ambulance, arrangement to meet,
wait, every morning, every night, every day, every week, be beaten
80. pillow, cartoon, full, center, circle, round,
straight, taste bad, poor, green
81. everything, bed and breakfast, show, miso soup, three, goal,
purpose, problem, application, receive
82. pattern, old times, chest, impossible, insect, bad tooth,
muggy, six, content, content
83. how many glasses, how many machinery, what month, what time,
how many times, which floor, how many people, how old
84. cry, tear, wave, seven, be repaired, learn,
become, age, commodity, February
85. rainbow, human, number of people, seaweed, transfer, take off clothes,
enter a school, memorize, hill, same
86. temperature, elder sister, elder brother, push, late, aged person,
police car, comfortable, example, contact
87. understanding, reason, June, both, fall, search,
slope, March, triangle, participation
88. biggest, first, last, lately, highest, lowest,
highest temperature, lowest temperature, agree, opposition
89. take a walk, sliced raw fish, products, personality, success, failure,
date of birth, thousand, line, railroad track
90. the back, athlete, explanation, instruction book, mechanical pencil,
company president, employee, society, garage, July
91. April, square, full name, goods, height of person, die,
relatives, best friend, fresh, heart
92. investigate, announcement, inform, data, appoint, reserved seat,
question, quiet, plant, botanical gardens
93. occupation, fire engine, elementary school, elementary schoolchildren,
introduction, future, homework, departure, type, income
94. get job, last stop, buckwheat noodles, there, organization,
graduation, aquarium, a little, sand, Sushi
95. stand, correct, difficult, body weight, Sun, many,
rack, valley, be enough, Tatami mat
96. for example, submission, shop assistant, land, inquiry, when,
sometimes, special, next to, ten
97. take, library, addition, be tired, switch on, arrive,
wife, uninteresting, work for, interpreter
98. previous arrangement, Udon noodles, be born, driving,
a driver, sell, thin, understand, laugh, stop doing
99. roof, eight, soft, often, carefully, days of the week,
kindergarten, errand, four, floor, slow
100. amusement park, early evening, dinner, be charged,
free of charge, win championship, material, seat, tax, all

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