Japanese Words 2000 - Level 3 : 1000

We carefully selected 2,000 important words and introduced here with audio.
You must know these words to speak Japanese.


One set contains 10 words each.

101. love, be in the red, open, clear, give up, yawn,
bad influence, shaking hands, net, hole
102. guidance, guidebook, password, be stable, sweat, amuse,
of course, guess right, heat up, addressee

103. remains, collect, bubble, apologize, kiosk, fool,
bomb, explosion, mark an X, lawyer
104. summer house, another, sell separately, art museum, stick,
year-end party, prevention, recruitment, no damage
105. part, director of a department, section chief, weapon, sentence,
classification, analysis, area, stage, bump into
106. sick person, rice bowl, blood, area, near, shortcut,
be late for, directly, exactly, summit
107. investigation, adjustment, condition, challenge, caution,
outside broadcasting, secondhand, drawing, injection, parking
108. center, Middle East, a stand, very, representation, typical,
important, President of a country, charge, heating
109. because, however, step by step, boy, girl, somebody,
nobody, take out, go out, as much as possible
110. demonstration, power, wall outlet, somewhere, nowhere, poison,
original, independence, unique, more and more
111. how, at the same time, colleague, thief, landslide, sales,
business hours, influence, satellite, nutrition
112. picture, image, monitor, animation, extension, select,
anxiety, dissatisfaction, deep, depth
113. snowstorm, clothes, costume, review, railroad crossing, surface mail,
atmosphere, eruption, pay through the bank, mysterious
114. cap, grow fat, balloon, accessories, go out, precipice,
musical instrument, art, artist, entertainer
115. hold out, modern times, entrance, raw materials, wooden sandals,
shoe locker, end of the month, Parliament, discussion
116. doubt, obligation, technology, engineer, technical, misunderstanding,
military, specific, by chance, opposite
117. fishery, fishing boat, event, queue, industry, leaf,
skin, undressed, start, temporary staff
118. obvious, carry, museum, beach, cherry-blossom viewing, sell,
vending machine, store, half day, half year
119. wing, criminal, crime, clear up, needle, paste,
edge, pillar, run, grove
120. release, invention, development, average, plains, flat,
strange, change, return money, return goods
121. terrible, a day trip, damage, sufferer, extremely, compare,
beam, pull, draw, secret
122. evacuation, sidewalk, protect, else, bone, headquarter,
kitchen knife, direction, law, jewelry
123. policy, broadcasting, TV station, guarantee, guarantor,
warranty paper, conservative, almost, chart, reputation
124. indication, expression, surface, location, roughly, a well,
transfer, unexpected, except, within
125. violation, abnormal, breath, dead end of a road, live, living thing,
some, one's seal, impression, retirement
126. number counters for machines, papers, times, floors, pieces,
animals, bottles, etc., 10%, 20%, staying one night
127. full, general, one-way traffic, clothes, remains,
hurry, together, board, thread
128. someday, before, still, chracter, era, time,
fact, test, execution, surface of the earth
129. office, labor costs, man-made, one's life, time difference, confidence,
one's house, practical, joke, condition
130. queen, common knowledge, state, order, receive, transmission,
win a prize, enough, charge a battery, employee
131. residents, esidence, so far, critical condition, important, wall,
flower vase, stock, home electrical products, give back
132. science, scientist, shadow, basket, shellfish, development,
membership fees, member, membership system, monster
133. opening, opening ceremony, closing ceremony, open store, close, store,
solution, keep a pet, turn round, cancellation of a contract, take time
134. hang, every country, every place, in the past, angle, revolution,
probability, god, thunder, cargo ship
135. guess, misunderstanding, certainly, billboard, rich, nurse,
patient, feel, connection, possible
136. possibility, management, completion, concern, director, perfect,
empty, one way, skin, dry
137. currency exchange rates, commute, decoration, display, count, hair,
injured person, administration, experience, project
138. economy condition, recession, quite, finally, fight, research,
construction, training, scenery, blood
139. finals game, decision, severe, feeling, disappear, donation,
deadline, mood, corporation, large company
140. a report, journalist, planning, crisis, equipment, be audible,
climate, be decided, modern, commemoration
141. amount of money, function, model, metal, memory, record,
carefree, expire, fog, miracle
142. expectation, crack, this way, exceed, dark color, precise,
be in trouble, after this, nowadays, around here
143. individual, National Parliament, border, citizen, domestic, king,
international, worldwide, domestic-made product, nationality
144. engagement, excitement, environment pollution, suburbs, attack, industry,
candidate, effect, high atmospheric pressure, low atmospheric pressure
145. clause, negotiation, relief, transportation, transportation expenses,
lectures, flood, fall down, kill, affair
146. refuse, destroy, lips, become cloudy, compare, smelly,
bad habit, vacant seat, passenger ship, professor
147. association, border, strong, common, rescue, help,
suddenly, so-so, mistake, make a mistake
148. not yet, grandchild, earnest, bean, imitation, be in time,
no seat available, satisfaction, again / also, absolutely
149. neighborhood, turn around, get lost, first of all, command,
trouble, sign, a license, size of land, interview
150. alarm clock, rare, fruit, ID card, can see, sample,
supporter, visit a sick person, nongovernment, future
151. find, quotation, present from a travel, carry, of course,
come back, burn, gate, already, soon
152. make a profit, originally, carry with, own, bring something from,
more, however, most, wasteful, wasteful spending
153. over there, invalid, village, tie, family name, pan,
snowslide, etc., throw, fellow
154. bark, disappear, lose, raw, fresh vegetables, draft beer,
something, nothing, repair, queue
155. get used to, as much as possible, I see, worry, why, because,
rise in price, raising, fall in price, reduction
156. mystery, oversleep, nightwear, New Year's card, the end of the year,
fuel, heat, bitter, evacuate, lively
157. popularity, pregnancy, perfume, imitation, be similar to, get longer,
climb, throat, remainder, remain
158. brain, agriculture, farmer, date of delivery, ability, glue,
get wet, steal, admission ticket, admission fee
159. be admitted to a hospital, be discharged from hospital, resign,
grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, Bon Festival, a dance, dance
160. fall, be surprised, put, perform, happen, get angry,
be late for, gift, depth, think
161. memories, remember, the face side, the back side, Europe and America,
Western people, Europe, crosswalk, cheering, round trip
162. large size, compact, downpour, heavy snow, gratitude,
be folded, pollution, inform, probably
163. toilet, the day before yesterday, the year before last, parent,
parent and child, father, mother, swim, exception, train
164. air conditioning, freezing, freezer, frozen food, defrost,
continuance, consecutive holidays, profit, clever, divorce
165. land, continent, takeoff, landing, magnificent, resume,
ideal, use, video recording, audio recording
166. corridor, not at home, travel expenses, passenger plane,
dormitory, quantity, receipt, balance, discrimination, desert
167. work, worker, the worst, the latest, court, disaster,
playback, bloom, beforehand, some time ago
168. novelist, art work, make, delete, cherry blossoms, industry,
sting, indicate, invite, bank note
169. take a photograph, make a noise, gender, system, uniform,
government, politics, politician, political party, policy
170. normal, correct answer, accurate, demand, bill, performance of product,
put in order, production, manufacture, grades
171. Western, Orient, cough, responsibility, petroleum, design of a building,
facilities, setting, configuration, connection, advertisement
172. election, selection, specialty, expert, technical, electric fan,
war, exclusive, look after, happy
173. city, citizens, downtown, die, fat, resource,
qualification, funds, market, payment
174. support, instructions, however, careful, believe, trust,
reliance, fact, earnest, nerves
175. serious, worry, new goods, latest model, improve, application,
bedroom, acquaintance, know, castle
176. facilities, branch office, therefore, familiar, humidity, unemployment,
rude, city office, use, beginning level
177. tableware, cost of meals, foodstuffs, workplace, staff, consumption,
consumer, consumption tax, prize, honesty
178. evidence, invitation, store, shopping street, bump into, processing,
hero, surgical operation, lodging, hotel bill
179. public holiday, Prime Minister, capital city, birth, attendance, absence,
take part in, concentrate, neighborhood, weekly magazine
180. religion, finish, correction, leading actor, near, there,
bottom, speed, disadvantage, advantage
181. farewell party, consult, warehouse, shipping cost, operation,
criminal investigation, search, imagination, because of this, moreover
182. each, wonderful, slip, all, wonderful / horrible, immediately,
rice cooker, excuse me, be not crowded, live
183. go forward, throw away, strike, a figure, rice field, journey,
maybe, no charge / but, against, countermeasures
184. attitude, tournament, boring, physical strength, usually, treasure,
waterfall, door-to-door delivery service, occasionally, try
185. seed, word, simple, order goods, be in charge, person in charge,
collapse, confirm, surely, be rescued
186. height, width, build, a building, tornado, proposal,
power failure, stop, list price
187. shop holiday, set meal, offer, revision, enemy, appropriate,
point, score, inspection, ceiling
188. typical, be transferred to, change one's job, terrorism, charge for service,
procedures, assist, fly, be delivered, place
189. by the way, feature, unique, especially, park, arrival,
voting, go through, registrationy, bankrupt
190. investment, win the election, of course, replace, cancel,
large city, suddenly, mountain climbing, soil
191. convenience, be included, how to use, nail, nail clipper, notice,
correspondence, commuting to work, commuting to school, common
192. intention, Tsunami, rainy season, continue, cosmos, arm,
garden plant, plant, move, take checkup, be damaged
193. receive, reception desk, horse, cows, tasty / skillful, fortune,
train fare, exercise, transport, shipping agency
194. be in demand, sales, sales corner, a lie, liar, beautiful,
Japanese clothes, young people, separate from, classify
195. reason, be broken, discount, cross, hand out, kettle,
approximately, role, translation, translate
196. grill, stop (rain, snow), as I thought, carry out, easy, gentle,
wild, lose weight, finally, call
197. get dirty, in the middle of the night, preparation, blank form,
Europe, appearance, be pleased, budget, qualifying
198. forecast, prevention, margin, missing, import, export,
quake, plentiful, valid / effective, expire date
199. ghost, advantage, disadvantage, priority, excellence, stock,
property, overtime work, regrettable, magazine
200. customs, first half, latter half, all the members, not at all, absolutely,
elephant, drawing, very, all the time

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