Nihongo - First Step

Step 8


コーヒー   のみます

(わたしは) コーヒーを のみます。

I (will) drink coffee.

こんばん   ピザ   たべます

(わたしは) こんばん ピザを たべます。

I will eat pizza tonight.

きのう   かばん   かいました

(わたしは) かばんを かいました。

I bought a bag yesterday.

Grammar Notes

Nomimasu means "to drink".

Tabemasu means "to eat".

Kaimasu means "to buy".

O is the particle which follows the object of the verb to show which the object is.
The word order is [subject] wa [time] [object] o verb.
When the subject is "I" or "You", it is usually moitted.

Since there is not clear distinction between the present and the future tenses in Japanese languge,
Koohii o nomimasu can be "I'm going to drink coffee" or "I drink coffee" which is one's habitual action.
In order to make it clear, you can add a specific time word to your statement.

Practice 1

Let's practice the following verbs.

たべますto eat

のみますto drink

かいますto buy

Practice 2

Let's practice the following time words.

まいあさevery morning

まいばんevery night

まいにちevery day


Practice 3

Let's practice the following words.


ようふくclothes, dress


Practice 4

Let's practice the following phrases.

にほん りょうりJapanese foods, Japanese dishes

フランス りょうりFrance foods, France dishes

イタリア りょうりItalian foods, Italian dishes

Practice 5

Let's make sentences and speak it.

(わたしは) まいあさ コーヒーを のみます。
 I drink coffee every morning.

たなかさんは まいばん ビールを のみます。
 Tanaka-san drinks beer every night.

(わたしは) まいにち やさいを たべます。
 I eat vegetables every day.

(わたしは) こんばん パスタを たべます。
 I'm going to eat pasta tonight.

(わたしは) きのう フランス りょうりを たべました。
 I ate Furence dishes yesterday.

グレッグさんは ときどき にほん りょうりを たべます。
 Greg-san had (ate) Japanese foods sometimes.

(わたしは) じてんしゃを かいます。
 I will buy a bicycle.

スーザンさんは きのう ようふくを かいました。
 Susan-san bought clothes yesterday.

Let's learn how to say "I like".

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