Japanese Conversation

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What is this? - this   that

Audio Practice 1

Practice the follwoing sentences.

1.Kore wa hon desu.
Sore wa shinbun desu.
Are wa jisho desu.
This is a book.
That is a newspaper.
That (over there) is a dictionary.
2.Kore wa keitai desu.
Sore wa dejikame desu.
Are wa pasokon desu.
This is a mobile phone.
That is a digital camera.
That (over there) is a personal computer.
3.Kore wa niku desu.
Sore wa sakana desu.
Are wa yasai desu.
This is (a piece of) meat.
That is a fish.
That (over there) is a vegetable.
4.Kore wa Furansu no wain desu.
Sore wa Itaria no wain desu.
Are wa Nihon no wain desu.
This is French wine.
That is Italian wine.
That (over there) is Japanese wine.

Audio Practice 2

Make dialogues by using the given words.

1.Nihon no eiga - sore / kore
A:Sore wa nan desu ka?
B:Kore wa Nihon no eiga desu.
A:What is that?
B:This is a Japanese movie.
2.Nihon no chizu - sore / kore
A:Sore wa nan desu ka?
B:Kore wa Nihon no chizu desu.
A:What is that?
B:This is a map of Japan.
3.Nihon no okashi - kore / sore
A:Kore wa nan desu ka?
B:Sore wa Nihon no okashi desu.
A:What is this?
B:That is a Japanese sweet.
4.byooin - are / are
A:Are wa nan desu ka?
B:Are wa byooin desu.
A:What is that (over there)?
B:That (over there) is a hospital.
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