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きょうの 1ぶん

For Upper Beginners and Intermediate learners


スマホが こわれた。
My smartphone was broken.
スマホが こわれた。
sumaho smartphone, kowareta ta form of kowaremasu; break


A. Complete the following dialogue.

A あっ!
A スマホを おとした。
B だいじょうぶ?
スマホが こわれた みたい。

あっ! Oh!, Oops!
どう した の? what's wrong?, what happened?, what's the matter? (spoken language of doo shimashita ka?)
おとした ta form of otoshimasu; drop
だいじょうぶ all right
あれ? Um..., Huh?, What?, スマホが うごかない my smartphone doesn't work
うごかない nai form of ugokimasu; work, run (machine, device)
-みたい it seems, it looks

The question marker ka? follows the verb-masu form.
In casual-spoken language, the questions normally made with the plain form such as the root form or ta form.
In this case, -no? must be used instead of -ka? as the question marker.
shimasu ka? ---> suru no?
shimashita ka? ---> shita no?

Practice the following words

Audio 1.スマホsmartphone
Audio 2.こわれます

to break, be damaged, be destroyed

Audio 3.こわれたta form of kowaremasu
Audio 4.おとしますto drop
Audio 5.おとしたta form of otoshimasu
Audio 6.うごきますto work, run (machine, device)
Audio 7.うごかないnai form of ugokimasu
Audio 8.どう しましたか?

what's wrong?, what happened?, What's the matter?

Audio 9.どう したの?casual-spoken language of Doo shimashita ka?
Audio 10.だいじょうぶall right

Kako mono (the past quizzes "things in the past")

2018/March/25My smartphone was broken.

2018/March/05Can I get there by taking one line (without any transfers)?

2018/February/16I didn't notice, I didn't realize it

2018/February/01Let's take a taxi, because it's not so far.

2018/January/11I moved to Meguro last weeek.

2018/January/02How was your New Year's holiday?

2017/December/26What will you do for the New Year?

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