A Sentence of the Day

Kyoo no 1 Bun

For Upper Beginners and Intermediate learners


Kore wa 4-nin-bun desu.
This is (these are) for 4 people.
Kore wa 4-nin-bun desu.
yo-nin four people, -bun portion, amount, quantity


A. Complete the following dialogue.

1. (Reshipi saito de)
A Tori-niku 400-guramu, Tamago 2-ko, Tamanegi 1-ko ...
Sore wa ?
A 4-nin-bun.
Futari da kara, sono de ii ne.

reshipi recipe, saito web site, -de indicating a situation, scene, event, etc. / here, "looking at the recipes web site"
tori-niku chicken (meat), guramu gram, g, tamago egg, tamanegi onion
ikko, ni-ko one, two (egg, onion), -ko counter for pieces, small object
futari two people, -da kara because, therefore, so
hanbun half, sukoshi a little, a few, some
-de ii it's enough, it's all right, it's fine, -ne making a tag question; isn't it?, aren't you?

Practice the following words

Audio 1.tori-nikuchicken (meat)
Audio 2.tamagoegg
Audio 3.tamanegionion
Audio 4.1-ko, 2-ko (ikko, ni-ko)one, two (pieces, small opbject)
Audio 5.futaritwo people
Audio 6.hanbunhalf

Kako mono (the past quizzes "things in the past")

2017/November/23This is (these are) for 4 people.

2017/November/16My smartphone's battery is running out.

2017/November/10When will it be delivered?

2017/November/06Frankly speaking, I'm not interested in baseball.

2017/October/26Are you going to dress up for Halloween?

2017/October/19There will be the football game on TV tonight.

2017/October/15Please cut a little shorter around here. (at the hair salon)

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