Two Learning Materials to Speak Japanese

CosCom provides two learning materials to speak Japanese ; Building Up Conversation and Japanese@Once.

Both cover almost the same range.

Building Up Conversation covers from the elementary level to the lower intermediate level.

Japanese@Once covers from the elementary level to the upper basic level.

Structure of the materials

Building Up Conversation consists of 3 levels - 60 chapters.

Each chapter consists of the following parts;


Grammar Note

Key Sentences

Audio Drills


Japanese@Once consists of 3 parts.

Part 1 : Everyday Conversation (40 chapters)

Part 2 : Words and Phrases by category (40 chapters)

Part 3 : Grammar Focus (45 chapters)

Japanese@Once - A Shortcut to Speak Japanese

Japanese@Once Part 1 is similar to Building Up Conversation.

Each chapter of Building Up Conversation includes 3 or more learning points.

These learning points are carefully arranged from Level 1 to Level 3.
It is designed so that as you progress from section to section.

Each chapter of Japanese@Once Part 1 includes 1 or 2 learning points.

You can focus on the vital things.

Japanese@Once Part 2 is categorized by the various daily scenes.

You can learn each chapter non-sequentially according to your need.

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