Common Expressions & Sentences patterns

For Upper Beginner and Intermediate learners

Let's learn common set phrases, idiomatic expressions, collocations, sentence patterns
which are frequently used in everyday speech


Sonna ni samukunai, Sonna ni takakunai

It's not so cold, It's not that expensive[File 065a]



Wakari-shidai renraku shimasu

I'll let you know once I find it out[File 043a]

... ni yotte chigaimasu

differ depending on, It depends on[File 045a]

Pasokon ga ugokanai

My computer doesn't work.[File 056a]

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dekirudake hayaku / narubeku hayaku

as soon as possible, as soon as one can[File 001a]

dekirudake ... / narubeku ...

as ... as possible, as ... as one can[File 001b]

-to onaji kurai (ookii) / -hodo -nai

A is as (large) as B / A is not as (large) as B[File 001c]

[verb] suru no ni 3-jikan kakatta

It took me three hours to do it[File 002a]

[verb] suru no ni 10,000-en kakatta

It cost me 10,000 yen to do it[File 002b]

... ni iku tochuu

on my way to[File 003a]

[something] o tanoshimi ni shite imasu

I'm looking forward to[File 004a]

[verb] suru no ni naremasu

I get used to doing[File 005a]

mukashi wa yoku ... shita

I used to do[File 005b]

[A] toiu yori [B]

[B] rather than [A][File 006a]

[A] suru yori (mushiro) [B] shi-tai

would rather [verb B] than [verb A][File 006b]

B yori A no hoo ga ii

I prefer A to B[File 006c]

[A] to [B] no aida ni ...

between [A] and [B][File 007a]

1-nichi-juu, 1-nen-juu

all day long, all year round[File 008a]

ikura ... -te mo

no matter how busy[File 009a]

A mo B mo

Both A and B[File 010a]

Dochira mo

Both are[File 010b]

... de ippai desu

be full of[File 011a]

[A] wa [B] darake

be covered with, be full of[File 011b]

[material] de dekite iru

be made of[File 012a]

[material] kara tsukurareru

be made from[File 012b]

[A] no kawari ni

instead of [A][File 013a]

[A] wa juubun aru

I have enough [time, money, etc.] (to do)[File 014a]

[verb root] suru no ni, juubun na [A] ga nai

I don't have enough [time, money, etc.] to do[File 014b]

[amount] areba, juubun desu

[amount] is enough[File 014c]

Se ga Takai

He is tall[File 015a]

[A] igai wa

except [A][File 016a]

[A] igai ni mo / [A] no hoka ni mo

besides [A][File 016b]

10-pun de / ato 10-pun de

in 10 minutes[File 017a]


soon, before long[File 018a]


now, right now, immediately[File 018b]

[A] to chigai, [B] wa

Unlike A, B is[File 019a]

[A] ni kankei naku,

Regardless of [A][File 020a]

[A] to shitara,

Suppose [A],[File 021a]

Kanarazu ... shite kudasai

Please do without fail, Make sure to do[File 022a]

[subject] wa kanarazu ... suru

always do / surely do[File 022b]

[A] dake janaku, [B] mo

not only A, but also B[File 023a]

[A] janaku, [B]

not A, but B[File 023b]

Hajime, sorekara

First I do [A], and then I do [B][File 024a]


I did [A] for the first time[File 024b]

... suru shika nai

I have no choice but to do[File 025a]

... shi-soo ni naru

almost do, come close to doing[File 026a]

[A] wa [B] no mono desu

[A] belongs to [B] (B's property)[File 027a]

... no tonari ni

next to[File 028a]

... no mae ni / ushiro ni

in front of / in back of[File 028b]

... suru yoo na ki ga suru

I feel like / I have a feeling that[File 029a]

Watashi wa [something] ga kowai

I'm scared of / I'm afraid of[File 030a]

3-kai tsuzukete

tree times in a row[File 031a]

omotta yori

more than I expected[File 032a]


It's been a while, Long time no see[File 033a]

... suru koto ga aru

it sometimes happens, it could happen[File 034a]

[A]-ba [A]-hodo, [B]

the more [A], the more [B][File 035a]

umaku iku

go well[File 036a]


important, serious matter[File 037a]

... suru to sugu, ... shita totan

no sooner than, the moment I did[File 038a]

nakanaka ... nai

not easily, it takes time to do[File 039a]

suru shika nai

I have no choice but to do[File 041a]

okutte ikimasu

I'll give you a ride[File 040b]

mukae ni ikimasu

I'll pick you up at the airport[File 040a]

suru shika nai

I have no choice but to do[File 041a]

tsuide ni

while you're at it[File 042a]

wakari-shidai renraku shimasu

I'll let you know once I find it out.[File 043a]

suru tabini

Every time I do[File 044a]

... ni yotte chigaimasu

differ depending on, It depends on[File 045a]

... suru kagiri

as far as (I know) / as long as (we live)[File 046a]

... shinai kagiri

unless (it rains)[File 046b]

Hotondo no ...

Most .... / Most of ....[File 047a]

Ningen de ieba, ...

in terms of human[File 048a]

ookiku suru, mijikaku suru, yasuku suru

make something larger, shorter, cheaper[File 049a]

... ni tsuyoi

be good with, know a lot about / be resistant to, have a high tolerance[File 050a]

Ashita hareru to ii desu ne

I hope it's sunny tomorrow[File 051a]

Atsui uchi ni / Samenai uchi ni

while it's hot / before it gets cold[File 052a]

jiyuu ni ... dekiru

you can do it freely[File 053a]

... shi-hajimeru

start doing, begin to do[File 054a]

... shi-dasu

start doing, begin to do[File 054b]

[A] suru yori, [B] shita hoo ga ii

[doing B] is better than [doing A][File 055a]

Pasokon ga ugokanai

My computer doesn't work.[File 056a]

Konna ni ookii to wa omowanakatta

I didn't think it would be this big[File 057a]

[A] to ieba

Speaking of [A], When it comes to [A][File 058a]

Jikan-doori, Yotei-doori, omotta-toori

on time, on schedule, just as I expected[File 059a]

Kore ijoo ... dekinai

I cannot do any more, I cannot do any longer[File 060a]

mita-me wa ii kedo / mita-me wa warui kedo

it looks good, but ... / it doesn't look good, but ...[File 061a]

Mita-me yori wakai

he is younger than he looks[File 061b]

[A] da to omottara, [B] datta

I just thought [A], but [B][File 062a]

Nihon-jin ga [A] tte ittara, [B] no koto desu

If Japanese say [A], it means [B][File 063a]

tsukai-kata, tsukuri-kata, yomi-kata

how to use, how to make, how to read[File 064a]

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