A Sentence of the Day

Kyoo no 1 Bun

For Upper Beginners and Intermediate learners


Senshuu Meguro ni hikkoshimashita.
I moved to Meguro last weeek.
Senshuu Meguro ni hikkoshimashita.
senshuu last week, Meguro place name in Tokyo
hikkoshimasu to move (to place, into a new house)


A. Complete the following dialogue.

A Senshuu Meguro ni hikkoshimashita.
Ja, atarashii juusho o .
meeru shimasu.
Eki kara donogurai desu ka?
A 7-fun gurai desu.

ja OK, then, atarashii new, juusho address
oshiete kudasai please let me know, oshiete te form of oshiemasu; teach, instruct, tell
itte te form of iimasu; say, -te kudasai Please do
ato de later, meeru shimasu to send an email
eki (train) station, -kara from, aruite on foot, by walking
arukimasu to walk, aruku root form of arukimasu
donogurai / donokurai how long, how far, nana-fun 7 minutes

See Building Up Conversation : Level 2 Chapter 5 about -te kudasai

Practice the following words

Audio 1.senshuulast week
Audio 2.hikkoshimasuto move (to place, into a new house)
Audio 3.atarashiinew
Audio 4.juushoaddress
Audio 5.oshiete kudasaiplease let me know
Audio 6.oshiemasuto teach, instruct, tell
Audio 7.ato delater
Audio 8.meeruemail
Audio 9.eki(train) station
Audio 10.aruiteon foot, by walking
Audio 11.arukimasuto walk
Audio 12.donogurai / donokuraihow long, how far

Kako mono (the past quizzes "things in the past")

2018/January/11I moved to Meguro last weeek.

2018/January/02How was your New Year's holiday?

2017/December/26What will you do for the New Year?

2017/December/16It's windy today.

2017/November/23This is (these are) for 4 people.

2017/November/16My smartphone's battery is running out.

2017/November/10When will it be delivered?

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