Learn Japanese Vocabulary

Essential Japanese Vocabulary with pictures and audio

This material is for those who have just started learning Japanese.
You probably have trouble with Japanese pronunciation.
We have provided basic Japanese words with pictures and audio.
Listen to the audio with the pictures and get familiar with the sound of Japanese language.

1.bus, car, taxi
2.train, airplane, ship
3.meat, fish, vegetables
4.coffee, tea, Japanese green tea
5.cake, ice cream, hamburger
6.beer, sandwiches, salad
7.fruit, drink, foods
8.morning, noon, night
9.umbrella, glasses, shoes
10.bag, briefcase, bicycle, clock, watch
11.desk, table, chair
12.sofa, bed, toilet, bathroom
13.scissors, pencil, letter
14.telephone, mobile phone, smart phone
15.TV, camera, digital camera
16.money, ticket, map
17.dog, cat, bird
18.adult, child, baby
19.clothes, dress, pants, trousers, skirt
20.hat, cap, socks, gloves
21.police car, ambulance, truck
22.book, house, home, flower
23.sea, mountain, river
24.apple, strawberry, banana
25.paper, mirror, calendar
26.fine weather, rain, snow
27.Sun, moon, star
28.road, street, traffic light, bridge
29.plate, rice bowl, chopsticks
30.window, door, roof

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