Japanese Verbs

Let's learn Japanese Verbs.
In Japanese language, verbs are deeply related to sentence structures and particles
such as ni or o.
You need to learn not only its meaning, but also how to use the verb in the sentence.

Let's learn Basic Japanese Verbs and its usage

Important Japanese Verbs 100

We presented 100 Japanese verbs (including Shimasu verbs) with auido.
These verbs are frequently used in the daily situation and are required to learn Japanese.

Usage of Japanese verbs with example sentences

tabemasu to eat
nomimasu to drink
kaimasu to buy
mimasu to watch, look, see
ikimasu to go
kaerimasu to return, go home
okurimasu to send
aimasu to meet
tomarimasu to stop, stay
shimasu to do, play

Japanese Verbs Overview

Verb Groupings & Conjugation

Japanese verbs can be classified in several ways.

Verb Forms

We give brief explanations for each form.

Verb Conjugation Tables

We have provided verb conjugation tables for each form.
You can learn how to make each form according to the group a verb belongs to.

Main learning materials for Japanese Verbs

Essential Japanese Verbs - Online(Sample)

The 250 most frequently used essential verbs

Over 3,000 example sentences

All the examples are voice-recorded

Essential Japanese Verbs - Book(Sample pages)

A5 size, 554 pages, ISBN978-4-906611-87-4

Kana edition

Online Supplementary Materials

Additional Verbs

Verbs which are not included in "Essential Japanese Verbs"

For Verb-Intermediate learners


Suru-Verbs which can be a noun or a verb with shimasu / suru.

For Upper Beginners and Intermediate learners

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