Information about Japan

We have provided information about Japan which are written in Japanese language.
Vocabulary presented here helps you to learn Japanese.

Map of Japan

Japan consists of 4 main islands
There are 47 administrative districts

Japanese names

200 common family names and 200 first names with sound
in Romaji, Hiragana & Kanji

Country names in Japanese

192 country names in Japanese with sound
Find your country name in Japanese

National holidays in Japan

There are 16 national holidays in Japan

Population of Japan

The population of Japan

Data & Prices

Police Dial 110, Ambulance Dial 119,
Rice 1kg 450yen, Big Mac 320yen, Cinema 1,800yen, etc.

Festivals in Japan

There are traditional festivals and new festivals in Japan.

Tourist Spots in Japan

We introduce popular tourist spots in Japan

World Heritage in Japan

There are 25 World Heritage Sites in Japan
Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Mt. Fuji, etc.

Brief information about 47 prefectures

Local product, population, area, climate, etc. of each prefecture

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