Map of Japan and 47 prefectures

Nihon no Chizu

(Map of Japan)

Japan consists of 4 main islands, Hokkaidoo, Honshuu, Shikoku and Kyuushuu.
There are 47 administrative districts; 1-To, 1-Doo, 2-Fu, 43-Ken.
1 To is Tokyo-to, 1 Doo is Hokkaidoo, 2 Fu are Osaka-fu and Kyoto-fu.

Brief information about 47 prefectures

Population, area, local product, tourist sopts, etc. of each prefecture

Population by 47 prefectures

Tokyo 12,988,800, Tottori-ken 591,200

Festivals in Japan

There are traditional festivals and new festivals in Japan.

Tourist Spots in Japan

Popular tourist spots

Official Web sites of each prefecture

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