Additional Japanese Verbs

For Verb-Intermediate learners

Here, we introduced Japanese verbs which are not included in "Essential Japanese Verbs".
The 250 most common verbs are introduced in "Essential Japanese Verbs".


akiramemasu / akirameru

to give up

katamukimasu / katamuku

to slope, lean to [vi]

oremasu / oreru

to break, snap, fracture / to compromise

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abaremasu / abareru

to act violently, behave wildly

afuremasu / afureru

to overflow, brim over

akiramemasu / akirameru

to give up

amarimasu / amaru

to remain, be left over

butsukemasu / butsukeru

to hit on, stub into, crash into, bump against, run into, throw at [vt]

chijimemasu / chijimeru

to shorten, shrink, reduce

chijimimasu / chijimu

to shrink, dwindle, wrinkle

chikazukimasu / chikazuku

to approach, come near

damashimasu / damasu

to deceive, cheat, trick

fumimasu / fumu

to step on / to go through (procedures, formalities, steps)

haemasu / haeru

to grow, come out, sprout / to shine, glow, look attractive, look better

hamemasu / hameru

to put (a ring) on, fit something in / to entrap, cheat

hanemasu / haneru

to jump, hop, splash, spit / to hit

hazuremasu / hazureru

to come off / to miss, go wrong, guess wrong

hazushimasu / hazusu

to take off, remove / to miss the target / to leave one's seat

hekomimasu / hekomu

to become hollow, be dented

hikarimasu / hikaru

to shine, glitter, twinkle, sparkle

hikikaeshimasu / hikikaesu

to return, turn back

hirogarimasu / hirogaru

to spread out, extend, get around

hirogemasu / hirogeru

to spread, extend, expand, widen, enlarge

hiyashimasu / hiyasu

to cool, ice

hoemasu / hoeru

to bark, howl, roar

hoshimasu / hosu

to dry, air

ikimasu / ikiru

to live, be alive / to be effective, be in effect

kaburimasu / kaburu

to put (one's hat) on, pull over

kakaemasu / kakaeru

to hold something in one's arms / to have (burden, problem, etc.) / to employ, have staff

kakuremasu / kakureru

to hide (oneself), shelter [vi]

kakushimasu / kakusu

to hide, conceal, cover [vt]

kamimasu / kamu

to bite, chew

karemasu / kareru

to wither, be blasted

katamukemasu / katamukeru

to tilt, incline [vt]

katamukimasu / katamuku

to slope, lean to [vi]

kazarimasu / kazaru

to decorate, display, exhibit

kerimasu / keru

to kick / to reject, refuse, turn down

koboshimasu / kobosu

to spill, drop [vt]

koboremasu / koboreru

to spill, drop [vi]

koorimasu / kooru

to freeze

kubarimasu / kubaru

to distribute, hand out

kumitatemasu / kumitateru

to assemble, put together

kurikaeshimasu / kurikaesu

to repeat

kusarimasu / kusaru

to spoil, go stale, go sour

kuzuremasu / kuzureru

to collapse, fall to pieces / to get out of shape

magemasu / mageru

to bend, curve, bow

mawashimasu / mawasu

to turn, spin, roll

mazemasu / mazeru

to mix, blend, stir

mogurimasu / moguru

to dive, get into something

mookemasu / mookeru

to earn, make a profit / to provide, set up, arrange

moremasu / moreru

to leak, escape / to be left out, be not included

mukae ni ikimasu / mukae ni iku

to go to meet somebody, pick someone up

mukaimasu / mukau

to go toward, face, for, to

mukimasu / muku

to face to, turn one's head / to be suitable to, fit for / to peel, skin

nagaremasu / nagareru

to stream, flow, float

nagashimasu / nagasu

to drain, float, let (something) flow

nagurimasu / naguru

to punch, slap, hit

neraimasu / nerau

to aim, sight a target, watch for, hope

niaimasu / niau

to suit, match well, look nice

norikaemasu / norikaeru

to change (trains, bus, flight), transfer / change (system, service, supplier)

nosemasu / noseru

to give ride / to load, put on / to print, put an advertisement

nukimasu / nuku

to pull out, extract / deflate, let out / overtake, move ahead of [vt]

nukemasu / nukeru

to come out, fall out / deflate / pass through / withdraw from, leave / be missing, be left out [vi]

oboremasu / oboreru

to drown

oikakemasu / oikakeru

to run after, chase, pursue

okonaimasu / okonau

to do, carry out, hold, perform

osaemasu / osaeru

to press down, hold down / restrain, suppress, keep down

oremasu / oreru

to break, snap, fracture / to compromise

orimasu / oru

to break, fold, snap, bend

oroshimasu / orosu

to lower, take down, unload / to withdraw (money from a bank) / to let a passenger off

osoimasu / osou

to attack

sabimasu / sabiru

to rust, get rusty

sakemasu / sakeru

to avoid / to tear, split

samemasu / sameru

to get cold / to wake up

sasarimasu / sasaru

to stick, sting, stab

sashimasu / sasu

to stick, stab / to sting, bite / to insert, put in / to point to, indicate / to put up an umbrella

sawagimasu / sawagu

to make a noise, be noisy, make merry, make a fuss, act up

sawarimasu / sawaru

to touch

shikimasu / shiku

to spread, cover, lay, pave

shizumimasu / shizumu

to sink, go down, fall in

sodachimasu / sodatsu

[vi] to grow, be brought up, be bred

sodatemasu / sodateru

[vt] to grow, breed, raise, train

suberimasu / suberu

to slide, slip, skate, be slippery

susumimasu / susumu

to go forward, step ahead, advance, make progress, improve

tamemasu / tameru

to save, store, collect

tameshimasu / tamesu

to try, test, attempt

tashimasu / tasu

to add, plus "+"

tobikomimasu / tobikomu

to dive into, jump into

tobiorimasu / tobioriru

to jump down, jump off

torikaemasu / torikaeru

to exchange, replace, switch

tsuburemasu / tsubureru

to be crushed, be smashed, be destroyed, collapse / to go bankrupt, go out of business / to waste time

tsukamaemasu / tsukamaeru

to catch, arrest

tsukamimasu / tsukamu

to grasp, hold, seize

tsukiaimasu / tsukiau

to go out with one's boyfriend/girlfriend

tsumarimasu / tsumaru

to be blocked, be choked, be stuffed

tsumimasu / tsumu

to pile up, lay, stack / to put on board, load / to pick, trim, snip

tsumorimasu / tsumoru

to heap up, pile up, lie on

tsunagarimasu / tsunagaru

to be connected, be linked, lead to

tsurimasu / tsuru

to hang down, string up, suspend, lift / to fish, catch fish with a fishing rod

tsuujimasu / tsuujiru

to lead to, open into / to make oneself understood, be understandable

ubaimasu / ubau

to take something by force, snatch, rob / to fascinate, charm

uchimasu / utsu

to hit, strike, knock / to shoot, fire / to beat, defeat

uemasu / ueru

to plant / to starve, be hungry

ukarimasu / ukaru

to pass an examination

uketorimasu / uketoru

to get, receive, catch / to understand, interpret

ukimasu / uku

to float, come to the surface

urikiremasu / urikireru

to be sold out

uttaemasu / uttaeru

to sue, take somebody to court / to appeal / to complain

wakashimasu / wakasu

[vt] to boil water (/ to excite)

wakimasu / waku

[vi] to (water) boil / to be excited / to gush out, spring out

yamimasu / yamu

to stop [rain, snow, wind, noise]

yokemasu / yokeru

to avoid, keep away from, step aside, dodge

yudemasu / yuderu

to boil (food)

yuremasu / yureru

to quake, pitch, swing, shake

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