Suru Verbs

For Upper Beginners and Intermediate learners

Here, we introduce "Suru-Verb" which can be a noun or a verb with shimasu / suru.


Tenshoku suru(転職)

change of job / to change jobs, switch companies



Chuumon suru(注文)

order, request, demand / to order, make a request

Juuden suru(充電)

(battery) charging / to charge a battery

Kekkon suru(結婚)

marriage / to marry, get married

Kensaku suru(検索)

search / to search, look up, find (on the Internt, in the document)

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Akushu suru(握手)

handshake / to shake hands

Annai suru(案内)

guidance, notice, invitation / to guide, show, lead

Benkyoo suru(勉強)

study / to study, learn

Boshuu suru(募集)

recruitment, collection / to recruit, collect (donations, ideas), rise (fund)

Chuumon suru(注文)

order, request, demand / to order, make a request

Enchoo suru(延長)

extension / to extend, lengthen

Enki suru(延期)

postponement, adjournment / to postpone, adjourn, put off, delay

Fukushuu suru(復習)

review of the lessons / to review the lessons

Haken suru(派遣)

dispatch / to dispatch, send (team, units, expert / worker)

Hakushu suru(拍手)

clap, applause / to clap one's hands, applaud

Hatsubai suru(発売)

release, sale / to release, put on sale, put on on the market

Hatsumei suru(発明)

invention / to invent

Henkan suru(変換)

conversion, transformation / to change, convert, transform

Hinan suru(避難)

evacuation, shelter, refuge / to evacuate, take shelter, take refuge

Hoosoo suru(放送)

broadcasting, announcement / to broadcast, announce, go on the air

Hozon suru(保存)

preservation / to preserve, keep, save

Iden suru(遺伝)

heredity, inheritance / to inherit from, be inherited, run in the family

Ihan suru(違反)

violation, breach, disobedience / to violate, break, breach (rule, regulation, law, contract)

Insatsu suru(印刷)

print, printing / to print

Jiman suru(自慢)

brag, boast, pride / to brag about, boast about, be proud of

Juuden suru(充電)

(battery) charging / to charge a battery

Kaisai suru(開催)

holding (an event), host (place) / to hold, host, organize, open (an event)

Kaitoo suru(解凍)

thaw, decompression / to thaw, defrost, decompress, unzip

Kakudai suru(拡大)

expansion, extension, magnification, enlargement, escalation / expand, extend, magnify, enlarge, escalate

Kansen suru(感染)

infection, contagion / to infect, be infected, catch a disease

Kekkon suru(結婚)

marriage / to marry, get married

Kenka suru(喧嘩)

quarrel, argument, squabble, fight / to quarrel, argue, squabble, fight

Kensa suru(検査)

examination, test, check, inspection / to examine, inspect, test, check

Kensaku suru(検索)

search / to search, look up, find (on the Internt, in the document)

Kisei suru(帰省)

homecoming / to return to the hometown, go to one's parents' home, visit one's parents

Kookai suru(公開)

open, release, exhibition, disclosure / to open, release, exhibit, disclose

Kooshin suru(更新)

renewal, update, breaking the record / to renew, update, break the record, set a new record

Koshoo suru(故障)

breakdown, failure / to break down, be out of order

Kyuukei suru(休憩)

(short) break, rest, intermission, interval / to take a (short) break, rest

Ninshin suru(妊娠)

pregnancy, conception / to get pregnant

Nyuuin suru(入院)

hospitalization / to be hospitalized, be admitted to a hospital

Nyuugaku suru(入学)

enrollment in a school / to enter school, enroll in school

Oobo suru(応募)

application, entry / to apply for, enter

Ooen suru(応援)

help, support, cheering / to support, cheer, root for

Reitoo suru(冷凍)

freezing, frozen / to freeze

Ryuukoo suru(流行)

fashion, trend, epidemic / to be in fashion, (disease) spread

Ryuushutsu suru(流出)

outflow, spillage, leakage / to flow out, spill, be leaked

Saikai suru(再開)

resumption, reopening, restarting / to resume, reopen, restart

Sanka suru(参加)

participation / to participate, take part in, join, attend

Sanpo suru(散歩)

a walk / to take a walk, go for a walk

Seikoo suru(成功)

success / to succeed, be successful, go well

Shippai suru(失敗)

failure / to fail, go wrong, make a mistake

Shiboo suru(死亡)

death / to die, pass away, be killed

Shoototsu suru(衝突)

collision, crash, clash, conflict / to collide, crash, clash, conflict, bump into, run into

Shuuri suru(修理)

repair / to repair, fix

Shuushoku suru(就職)

getting a job, finding employment / to get a job, find employment, start working

Shutsujoo suru(出場)

participation in a competition / to participate in a competition, play in a game/match, take part in

Sooji suru(掃除)

cleaning, sweep, dust / to clean, vacuum, sweep, dust

Soosaku suru(捜索)

searching / to search (for evidence of a crime, missing person)

Sotsugyoo suru(卒業)

graduation / to graduate

Tai'in suru(退院)

discharge from hospital / to be discharged from hospital, leave hospital

Taishoku suru(退職)

resignation / to resign from the company, quit one's job

Toohyoo suru(投票)

voting, polling / to vote, poll

Toosen suru(当選)

winning the election, winning a prize / to be elected, win an election, win a prize

Tsuika suru(追加)

addition, supplement / to add

Tsuukin suru(通勤)

commute / to commute to work, go to work

Yu'nyuu suru(輸入)

import / to import

Yushutsu suru(輸出)

export / to export

Yuushoo suru(優勝)

victory, first place, championship / to win a championship (pennant, title, first place)

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