Japanese Words 2000 - Level 1 : 500

We carefully selected 2,000 important words and introduced here with audio.
You must know these words to speak Japanese.


One set contains 10 words each.

1. oil, give, meet, ice cream, taste, red,
baby, bright, open, autumn
2. sweet, rain, animation, apartment, that,
thank you, have, morning, breakfast, foot
3. head, tomorrow, new, warm, hot, night,
dinner, number, place, study

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4. motorbike, bus, bus stop, butter, bed, video,
beer, bottle, building, button
5. hat, culture, pig, pork, hospital, sickness,
hair salon, father, mother, small
6. underground, subway, map, near, parking, kitchen,
who, exit, entrance, digital camera
7. battery, electricity, electrical products, train, microwave,
calculator, telephone, telephone number, department store
8. animal, zoo, tool, road, Saturday, painting,
picture postcard, air-conditioner, movie, movie theater
9. station, station staff, ship, bath, old, Japanese style bedding,
envelope, winter, winter vacation, foreign country
10. school, healthy, cash, bank, Monday, am,
afternoon, cooked rice, beef, milk
11. tooth, dentist, postcard, delivery, box, flower,
nose, story, talk, fine weather
12. spring, scissors, bridge, chopsticks, room, day,
fire, east, airplane, string
13. wide, area, noon, lunch, person, one person,
one, need, book, bookstore
14. method, January, strawberry, house, good, go,
how much, how many, how old, living room, now
15. meaning, Internet, dog, color, doctor, stone,
busy, chair, be painful, when
16. jeans, time, crime, accident, population, earthquake,
dictionary, bicycle, skillful, preparation
17. ten, address, juice, bag, corner, return,
mirror, key, furniture, stairs
18. seaside, meeting, company, buy, shopping, a fire,
write, camera, paper, hair on the head
19. can, wife, she / girlfriend, he / boyfriend, easy, face,
body, spicy, light, umbrella
20. confectionery, form, river, cute, Tuesday, a cold,
wind, family, injury, mobile phone
21. policeman, police, marriage, wedding, tree, listen,
come, no-smoking, yesterday, Friday
22. ticket, beautiful, season, coffee shop, North, dirty,
postage stamp, child, rice, convenience store
23. this month, this week, police box, tea, park, coffee,
construction work, factory, airmail, airline company
24. ice, intersection, this, breakdown, pepper, word,
this year, break, parcel, mouth
25. fruit, clouds, cloudy weather, country, dark, black,
Christmas, Xmas, car, medicine, airport
26. shoes, socks, last year, today, sibling, church,
town, window, front, back
27. turn, festival, eye, glasses, email, business card,
menu, street, right, left
28. short, watch, ear, south, port, store,
water, lake, Thursday, thing
29. blanket, forest, son, daughter, difficult, long,
length, rain boots, in, name
30. what, summer, summer vacation, price, cat, sleep,
sleepy, Sunday, Japanese language, Japanese person
31. meat, meat shop, baggage, doll, west, garden,
drink, drink, beverage, ride, vehicle
32. news, Japanese green tea, delicious, mother, father, money,
wake up / happen, send, somebody else's wife, customer
33. toy, heavy, weight, interesting, stomach, music,
man, woman, spa, many
34. big, size, adult, get off, sound, younger brother,
younger sister, end, hot water, bread
35. personal computer, passport, next month, next year, next week,
refrigerator, history, historical, practice, restaurant
36. apple, Japanese style hotel, travel, travel agent, charge, food,
parents / parents, wallet, fish, fish store
37. liquor, cold, sandwiches, salad, plate, sugar,
sweater, life, student, world
38. seat, soap, laundry, washing machine, small, last month,
last week, teacher, shampoo, shower
39. photograph, game, work, examination, island, do,
close, newspaper, traffic light, kind
40. salt, white, under, inner clothes, outerwear, nature,
meal, foods, goods, the New Year
41. soy sauce, documents, business trip, husband,
hobby, custom, weekend, repair, cleaning, vacuum cleaner
42. sky, that, and, outside, city water, Wednesday,
skirt, like, few, sport
43. supermarket, sit down, cool, eat, typhoon, important,
embassy, expensive, height, taxi
44. egg, birthday, enjoyable, hand, letter, gloves,
table, weather, weather, temple
45. TV, T-shirt, toilet, clock, barber, stop,
friend, faraway, bird, chicken
46. year / age, very, next, one after another, use, moon,
desk, make, strong, weak
47. cold, house, on, sea, happy, noisy,
song, sing, young, bad
48. Japanese style room, Japanese food, forget, I, rent, drugstore,
baseball, mountain, vegetables, greengrocery
49. inexpensive, holiday, rest, read, clothes, Western style room,
Western food, night, plan, reservation
50. appointment, finger, ring, snow, dream, post office,
zip code, famous, celebrity, pants

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