Japanese Conversation

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What is this? - this & that

Dialogue 1

Tanaka:Sore wa nan desu ka?
Lucy:Kore wa denshi-jisho desu.
Tanaka:Chotto misete kudasai.
Lucy:Hai. Doozo.
Tanaka:What is that?
Lucy:This is an electric dictionary.
Tanaka:May I see it? (lit. please show me)
Lucy:Yes, here you are.

Dialogue 2

Lucy:Sore wa nan desu ka?
Tanaka:Kore wa wain desu.
Lucy:Sore wa Nihon no wain desu ka?
Tanaka:Iie. Kore wa Nihon no wain janai desu.
Kore wa Furansu no wain desu.
Lucy:Are wa?
Tanaka:Are wa Itaria no wain desu.
Lucy:What is that?
Tanaka:This is (a glass of a bottle of) wine.
Lucy:Is that Japanese wine?
Tanaka:No. This is not Japanese wine.
This is French wine.
Lucy:What is that over there?
Tanaka:That is Italian wine.
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