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Wakari-shidai renraku shimasu

I'll let you know once I find it out.

wakari- is the verb stem of wakari-masu "to understand", "know" or "find out".

The verb stem + shidai can be translated as "as soon as", "just after" or "once".

In casual speech with friends or colleagues, -tara, the verb ta form + ra, is probably more common.
See the Example 7.

Example sentences

1. Wakari-shidai renraku shimasu.

wakarimasu to understand, know, find out
renraku shimasu to contact, get in touch, inform, I'll let you know

2. Nooki ga wakari-shidai go-renraku shimasu.

nooki delivery time, delivery date
go-renraku shimasu [sv] contact, inform, I'll let you know (polite)
go- a prefix, making a polite word or phrase

3. Kaigi no jikan ga kimari-shidai o-shirase shimasu.

kaigi meeting, conference, jikan time
kimarimasu to be decided, be fixed, be arranged
o-shirase shimasu I'll inform you, I'll let you know (polite)
shirasemasu to inform, let somebody know, notice, tell
o + stem + shimasu forming a humble verb phrase, o- a prefix, making a polite word or phrase

Both renraku shimasu and shirasemasu are commonly used to mean "inform" or "let somebody know".
go-renraku shimasu and o-shirase shimasu are the polite expressions and often used in business scene.

4. Shoohin ga todoki-shidai daikin o furikomimasu.

shoohin goods, products, article, item, todokimasu to reach, arrive, be delivered
daikin charge, cost, price, payment
furikomimasu to pay through a bank transfer, transfer to a bank account

5. (Yama-goya de)
Ame wa sugu yamu deshoo.
Ame ga yami-shidai shuppatsu shimashoo.

yama-goya mountain lodge, mountain hut, yama mountain
ame ga yamimasu stop raining (set phrase), yamu root form of yamimasu; stop (rain, wind, noise, etc.)
-deshoo expressing conjecture; should be, must be
shuppatsu [sv] depart, start, -mashoo (stem +) Let's do

6. Kuukoo ni tsuku jikan ga wakari-shidai meeru shimasu.

kuukoo airport, tsuku root form of tsukimasu; arrive, jikan time
meeru shimasu to send an email

7. a.Raishuu no yotei ga wakari-shidai renraku shimasu.
b.Raishuu no yotei ga wakattara, renraku shimasu.

raishuu next week, yotei [sv] plan, schedule
wakatta ta form of wakarimasu, -tara if, when, just after

Practice the following words

Audio 1.wakari-shidaionce I find it out, as soon as I know
Audio 2.wakarimasuto understand, know, find out
Audio 3.renraku[sv] contact, inform
Audio 4.go-renrakupolite expression of renraku
Audio 5.nookidelivery time, delivery date
Audio 6.kaigimeeting, conference
Audio 7.jikantime
Audio 8.kimari-shidaionce it's been decided, as soon as we decide
Audio 9.kimarimasuto be decided, be fixed, be settled
Audio 10.shirasemasuto inform, let somebody know, notice, tell
Audio 11.o-shirase shimasuI'll inform you, I'll let you know (polite)
Audio 12.shoohinproduct, goods, item
Audio 13.todokimasuto reach, arrive, be delivered
Audio 14.daikincharge, cost, price, payment
Audio 15.furikomimasu

to pay through a bank transfer,
transfer to a bank account

Audio 16.amerain
Audio 17.sugusoon, in a short time
Audio 18.yamimasuto stop (rain, snow, noise)
Audio 19.shuppatsu[sv] depart, start
Audio 20.kuukooairport
Audio 21.tsukimasuto arrive
Audio 22.meeru[sv] email
Audio 23.raishuunext week
Audio 24.yotei[sv] schedule, plan

Functional patterns used in the sentences (Chapter numbers are from Building Up Conversation)

o-shirase shimasu
o + stem + shimasu:Honorific Expressions

Level 3 Chapter 9

ame wa sugu yamu deshoo
plain form + deshoo:must be, should be, will be

Level 3 Chapter 1

shuppatsu shi-mashoo
verb stem + mashoo:Let's do

Level 1 Chapter 12

raishuu no yotei ga wakattara
ta form + -tara:if, when

Level 2 Chapter 8

kuukoo ni tsuku jikan
phrase + noun:Noun Modifier

Level 2 Chapter 13

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