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Wakari-shidai renraku shimasu (Free sample)

I'll let you know once I find it out[File 043a]

... ni yotte chigaimasu (Free sample)

differ depending on, It depends on[File 045a]

Pasokon ga ugokanai (Free sample)

My computer doesn't work.[File 056a]

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dekirudake hayaku / narubeku hayaku

as soon as possible, as soon as one can[File 001a]

dekirudake ... / narubeku ...

as ... as possible, as ... as one can[File 001b]

-to onaji kurai (ookii) / -hodo -nai

A is as (large) as B / A is not as (large) as B[File 001c]

[verb] suru no ni 3-jikan kakatta

It took me three hours to do it[File 002a]

[verb] suru no ni 10,000-en kakatta

It cost me 10,000 yen to do it[File 002b]

... ni iku tochuu

on my way to[File 003a]

[something] o tanoshimi ni shite imasu

I'm looking forward to[File 004a]

[verb] suru no ni naremasu

I get used to doing[File 005a]

mukashi wa yoku ... shita

I used to do[File 005b]

[A] toiu yori [B]

[B] rather than [A][File 006a]

[A] suru yori (mushiro) [B] shi-tai

would rather [verb B] than [verb A][File 006b]

B yori A no hoo ga ii

I prefer A to B[File 006c]

[A] to [B] no aida ni ...

between [A] and [B][File 007a]

1-nichi-juu, 1-nen-juu

all day long, all year round[File 008a]

ikura ... -te mo

no matter how busy[File 009a]

A mo B mo

Both A and B[File 010a]

Dochira mo

Both are[File 010b]

... de ippai desu

be full of[File 011a]

[A] wa [B] darake

be covered with, be full of[File 011b]

[material] de dekite iru

be made of[File 012a]

[material] kara tsukurareru

be made from[File 012b]

[A] no kawari ni

instead of [A][File 013a]

[A] wa juubun aru

I have enough [time, money, etc.] (to do)[File 014a]

[verb root] suru no ni, juubun na [A] ga nai

I don't have enough [time, money, etc.] to do[File 014b]

[amount] areba, juubun desu

[amount] is enough[File 014c]

Se ga Takai

He is tall[File 015a]

[A] igai wa

except [A][File 016a]

[A] igai ni mo / [A] no hoka ni mo

besides [A][File 016b]

10-pun de / ato 10-pun de

in 10 minutes[File 017a]


soon, before long[File 018a]


now, right now, immediately[File 018b]

[A] to chigai, [B] wa

Unlike A, B is[File 019a]

[A] ni kankei naku,

Regardless of [A][File 020a]

[A] to shitara,

Suppose [A],[File 021a]

Kanarazu ... shite kudasai

Please do without fail, Make sure to do[File 022a]

[subject] wa kanarazu ... suru

always do / surely do[File 022b]

[A] dake janaku, [B] mo

not only A, but also B[File 023a]

[A] janaku, [B]

not A, but B[File 023b]

Hajime, sorekara

First I do [A], and then I do [B][File 024a]


I did [A] for the first time[File 024b]

... suru no wa kore ga hajimete desu

This is the first time I have done ...[File 024c]

... suru no wa kore ga hajimete desu

This is the first time I have done ...[File 024c]

... suru shika nai

I have no choice but to do[File 025a]

... shi-soo ni naru

almost do, come close to doing[File 026a]

[A] wa [B] no mono desu

[A] belongs to [B] (B's property)[File 027a]

... no tonari ni

next to[File 028a]

... no mae ni / ushiro ni

in front of / in back of[File 028b]

... suru yoo na ki ga suru

I feel like / I have a feeling that[File 029a]

Watashi wa [something] ga kowai

I'm scared of / I'm afraid of[File 030a]

3-kai tsuzukete

tree times in a row[File 031a]

omotta yori

more than I expected[File 032a]

omotta hodo ... nai

not as [adjective] as I thought[File 032b]


It's been a while, Long time no see[File 033a]

... suru koto ga aru

it sometimes happens, it could happen[File 034a]

[A]-ba [A]-hodo, [B]

the more [A], the more [B][File 035a]

umaku iku

go well[File 036a]


important, serious matter[File 037a]

... suru to sugu, ... shita totan

no sooner than, the moment I did[File 038a]

nakanaka ... nai

not easily, it takes time to do[File 039a]

suru shika nai

I have no choice but to do[File 041a]

okutte ikimasu

I'll give you a ride[File 040b]

mukae ni ikimasu

I'll pick you up at the airport[File 040a]

suru shika nai

I have no choice but to do[File 041a]

tsuide ni

while you're at it[File 042a]

wakari-shidai renraku shimasu

I'll let you know once I find it out.[File 043a]

suru tabini

Every time I do[File 044a]

... ni yotte chigaimasu

differ depending on, It depends on[File 045a]

... suru kagiri

as far as (I know) / as long as (we live)[File 046a]

... shinai kagiri

unless (it rains)[File 046b]

Hotondo no ...

Most .... / Most of ....[File 047a]

Ningen de ieba, ...

in terms of human[File 048a]

ookiku suru, mijikaku suru, yasuku suru

make something larger, shorter, cheaper[File 049a]

... ni tsuyoi

be good with, know a lot about / be resistant to, have a high tolerance[File 050a]

Ashita hareru to ii desu ne

I hope it's sunny tomorrow[File 051a]

Atsui uchi ni / Samenai uchi ni

while it's hot / before it gets cold[File 052a]

jiyuu ni ... dekiru

you can do it freely[File 053a]

... shi-hajimeru

start doing, begin to do[File 054a]

... shi-dasu

start doing, begin to do[File 054b]

[A] suru yori, [B] shita hoo ga ii

[doing B] is better than [doing A][File 055a]

Pasokon ga ugokanai

My computer doesn't work.[File 056a]

Konna ni ookii to wa omowanakatta

I didn't think it would be this big[File 057a]

[A] to ieba

Speaking of [A], When it comes to [A][File 058a]

Jikan-doori, Yotei-doori, omotta-toori

on time, on schedule, just as I expected[File 059a]

Kore ijoo ... dekinai

I cannot do any more, I cannot do any longer[File 060a]

mita-me wa ii kedo / mita-me wa warui kedo

it looks good, but ... / it doesn't look good, but ...[File 061a]

Mita-me yori wakai

he is younger than he looks[File 061b]

[A] da to omottara, [B] datta

I just thought [A], but [B][File 062a]

Nihon-jin ga [A] tte ittara, [B] no koto desu

If Japanese say [A], it means [B][File 063a]

tsukai-kata, tsukuri-kata, yomi-kata

how to use, how to make, how to read[File 064a]

Sonna ni samukunai, Sonna ni takakunai

It's not so cold, It's not that expensive[File 065a]

5-fun oki ni, 10-pun oki ni

every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes[File 066a]

[A] ga attemo, nakutemo

if I have [A] or not, no matter whether I have [A] or not[File 067a]

... suru no wa atarimae

it is natural that ...[File 068a]

... ga ooi

There are many ...[File 069a]

Kono kusuri wa kiku

This medicine works / be effective[File 070a]

[A] toiu [B] / [A] tteiu [B]

[B] called [A], [B] named [A], [B] that [A][File 071a]

... suru no wa muzukashii

[File 072a]

hayakereba & osokutemo

at the earliest & at the latest[File 073a]

atama ga ii

he is smart[File 074a]

shi-wasureta / suru no o wasureta

I forgot to do[File 075a]

Takarakuji ga ataru

win the lottery[File 076a]

Yosoo wa ataru

I guess right / my guess is right[File 076b]

Yosoo wa ataru

I guess right / my guess is right[File 076b]

Mato ni ataru

hit the target[File 076c]

2-bai, 3-bai

2 times, 3 times as much as (double, triple)[File 077a]

iki / kaeri

on the way / on the way back[File 078a]

Futsuu dattara, Itsumo dattara

normally, usually[File 079a]

kanoosei ga aru / kanoosei ga takai

there is a possibility of / it's likely to[File 080a]

... suru hito ga fueta

more and more people ..., the number of people who ... has increased[File 081a]

... de yuumei desu

It's famous for ...[File 082a]

... to shite yuumei desu

It's famous as ...[File 082b]

[A] wa [B] to onaji desu

[A] is the same as [B][File 083a]

[A] to [B] wa nani ga chigaimasu ka?

What is the difference between [A] and [B]?[File 083b]

[A] wa [B] ni niteimasu

[A] looks like [B][File 083c]

[A] wa [B] ni benri desu

[A] is convenient for [B][File 084a]

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