Intermediate Japanese

Learn Japanese Language through reading and listening about Japan.
Here, we provided reading materials on various topics for learning Intermediate Japanese.
All readings are written in easy-to-understand Japanese.
You will learn not only Japanese language, but also learn Japanese culture, custom and lifestyle.


Gooruden-Uiiku 2017

Golden Week 2017

Intermediate 301 - Vol.2


Road to Intermediate - Warm-UpUpper Basic Level

Kore wa nan deshoo ka?(What is this in Japanese?)

Futatsu no mono o tomeru no ni tsukaimasu.

Hazusu toki, oto ga shimasu.

Latest : 2016/December/10

Intermediate 301Upper Basic & Lower Intermediate

Intermediate 301 - Vol.1

Nihon no O-Bentoo

Japanese packed lunch

Rikoo na doobutsu - Iruka

intelligent animal - dolphin

Intermediate 301 - Vol.2

Futon o Hosoo!

Let's air the Futon

"Akami" Ninki Kyuu-Jooshoo

"red (beef) meat" is booming

Latest : 2017/February/06

Intermediate 305Intermediate Level

Intermediate 305 - Vol.1


Japanese-style hotel

Nihon no Men - Soba to Udon to Raamen

Japanese noodles - Soba, Udon & Raamen

Intermediate 305 - Vol.2

Nihon no O-Furo

Japanese bath

Nihon no Osake : Nihonshu to Shoochuu

Japanese alcohol "Nihonshu" & "Shoochuu"

Latest : 2017/March/04

Intermediate 307Intermediate Level

Intermediate 307 - Hot Issues

Kooreisha to Unten-Menkyo

aged person and driver's license

Latest : 2017/January/26

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