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Learn Japanese online with various learning materials.
You can learn practical Japanese conversation, daily phrases,
Hiragana Katakana, Kanji and today's Japan.

Learn Japanese Online

We provide various learning materials from the basic level to the intermediate level. If you are new to learning Japanese, please go to the Words & Basics. You can learn essential Japanese vocabulary and how to make Japanese sentences.
Practical Japanese phrases and dialogues are introduced at the Phrases & Conversation section. You can use it today.

Words & BasicsUpdate : 2024/June/03

Hiragana Katakana

Phrases & ConversationUpdate : 2024/July/16

Intermediate JapaneseUpdate : 2024/June/16

Japanese VerbsUpdate : 2024/July/02

Japanese KanjiUpdate : 2024/May/25

Main Materials for Teaching-Learning Japanese

CosCom has been developing many original teaching-learning materials based on our professional experience.
We sell some of them as "Main Learning Materials".

Building Up Conversation(Details & Sample)

This material helps you acquire the ability to go with the flow of conversation, even about a complicated subject, by learning how to build up simple and short sentences through audio drills. This material covers from the basic level to the lower intermediate level.

Japanese@Once(Details & Sample)

This material is designed for those who want to learn practical Japanese conversation in a short period of time.
Part 1 : Everyday Conversation (40 chapters)
Part 2 : Words & Phrases by Category (40 chapters)
Part 3 : Grammar Focus (45 chapters)

Essential Japanese Verbs(Details & Sample)

This material explains clearly about the meaning of each verb with explaining its usage. "Key Sentences", "Practical Usage" and "Short Dialogues" also help you to grasp how you can apply each verb in communication.

2001.Kanji.Odyssey(Details & Sample)

2001.Kanji.Odyssey series is suitable for those who are new to Kanji learning or for those who have already learned the basic Kanji characters. We separated readings of each Kanji into important and unimportant ones. Students can focus on important readings and important Jukugo (compound).

Supplementary Materials

We have provided various supplementary materials besides the main learning materials. Supplements cover from the basic level to the intermediate level. Intermediate series will lead you to the next stage. News and Intermediate materials introduce today's Japan in easy-to-understand Japanese.
We constantly update them and add new series.

Picture Cards(Details & Sample images)

A Collection of Japanese Sentences with Illustrations

The illustrated sentence cards are systematically arranged according to a typical word order such as "who", "when", "where" and "what to do".

Common Expressions

Phrases & Expressions


News & Weather in Japanese

Tenki Yohoo

(Weather forecast - Tokyo)

2024/July/15 - July/21

Upper Basic level

Short News

(Short article)


Upper Basic level

Nihon no Dekigoto

(Japan News & World News)


Lower Intermediate level

Information about Japan

Map of Japan

There are 4 main islands
and 47 administrative districts.

Japanese Names

Over 400 common family names
and first names

Country Names

192 Country names in Japanese
Find your country name

Holidays in Japan

There are 16 national holidays
in Japan


Population of Japan
by 47 prefectures

Data & Prices

Police 110, Ambulance 119
Rice 450yen, BigMac 320yen

Festivals in Japan

There are traditional festivals and new festivals.

Tourist Spots in Japan

Popular tourist spots

World Heritage in Japan

There are 20 World Heritage Sites in Japan

Brief information
about 47 prefectures

Population, local product, etc.

Type in JapaneseTyping Japanese

You can type in Hiragana Katakana and Kanji with Non-Japanese keyboard

Japanese FontsJapanese Fonts

For WindowsXP user, you need to install Japanese fonts


(Japanese calendar)

2024 July, 2024 August

Japanese Vocabulary

For your further study

Online learning materials

Building Up Japanese Conversation


Essential Japanese Verbs


iPad / iPhone

iPad iPhone

iPad iPhone



Various Supplements

Picture Cards

Picture Cards

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