How to Type Japanese

Windows 8

Step 1 : Installing MS-IME

1.Open Control Panel from "Desk Top" of "Settings".
2.Open "Add a language" in "Clock, Language, and Region".
3.Click "Add a language".
4.Select "Japanese"
5.Confirm the Language Bar.

The Language Bar will appear on the taskbar at the right lower side of the display.
At this point, it is still ENG (English) mode.

6.Click "ENG"
Select "Japanese Microsoft IME"
7.Japanese Typing Mode [A]
  At this point, it is Japanese typing mode [A].
This mode is to type English alphabet under the Japanese typing mode.
8.Click [A]
The mode [A] will be on the mode [あ]
This mode is for typing Kana and Kanji.

Now you can type in Japanese with a non-Japanese keyboard such as English keyboard.
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