First step to learning Japanese

Step 3

Let's expand the sentence.
You can put more information to the noun like, not just "a car", but "a Japanese car".

Are wa   Nihon no   Kuruma desu

Are wa Nihon no kuruma desu.

That is a Japanese car.

Grammar Notes

Are means "that".

Nihon means "Japan".

Kuruma means "car".

No is a particle.

When a noun modifies the other noun in order to explain or specify or give the supplementary information, the particle, no comes between two nouns.
The word order is the [explaining noun] + no + [noun modified].

Practice 1

Let's practice the following words.



AmerikaAmerica, U.S.A


Practice 2

Let's practice the following phrases.

Nihon no kurumaJapanese car

Amerika no eigaAmerican movie

Furansu no wainFrench wine

Nihon no chizumap of Japan

Kuruma no honbook on car

Practice 3

Let's make sentences and speak it.

Are wa Nihon no kuruma desu.
 That is a Japanese car.

Kore wa Amerika no eiga desu.
 This is an American movie.

Are wa Furansu no wain janai desu.
 That is not French wine.

Kore wa Nihon no chizu janai desu.
 This is not a map of Japan.

Let's learn how to make a question.

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