First step to learning Japanese

Step 8

Let's learn more verbs. Here, we introduced "eat", "drink" and "buy".
These verbs are used with an object such as "pizza", "coffee", "bag", etc.
The object is indicated by the particle o.

Koohii o   nomimasu

(Watashi wa) Koohii o nomimasu.

I (will) drink coffee.

Konban   piza o   tabemasu

(Watashi wa) Konban piza o tabemasu.

I will eat pizza tonight.

Kinoo   kaban o   kaimashita

(Watashi wa) Kaban o kaimashita.

I bought a bag yesterday.

Grammar Notes

Nomimasu means "to drink".

Tabemasu means "to eat".

Kaimasu means "to buy".

O is the particle which follows the object of the verb to show which the object is.
The word order is [subject] wa [time] [object] o verb.
When the subject is "I" or "You", it is usually moitted.

Since there is not clear distinction between the present and the future tenses in Japanese languge,
Koohii o nomimasu can be "I'm going to drink coffee" or "I drink coffee" which is one's habitual action.
In order to make it clear, you can add a specific time word to your statement.

Practice 1

Let's practice the following verbs.

tabemasuto eat

nomimasuto drink

kaimasuto buy

Practice 2

Let's practice the following time words.

mai-asaevery morning

mai-banevery night

mai-nichievery day


Practice 3

Let's practice the following words.


yoofukuclothes, dress


Practice 4

Let's practice the following phrases.

Nihon ryooriJapanese foods, Japanese dishes

Furansu ryooriFrance foods, France dishes

Itaria ryooriItalian foods, Italian dishes

Practice 5

Let's make sentences and speak it.

(Watashi wa) Mai-asa koohii o nomimasu.
 I drink coffee every morning.

Tanaka-san wa mai-ban biiru o nomimasu.
 Tanaka-san drinks beer every night.

(Watashi wa) Mai-nichi yasai o tabemasu.
 I eat vegetables every day.

(Watashi wa) Konban pasuta o tabemasu.
 I'm going to eat pasta tonight.

(Watashi wa) Kinoo Furansu ryoori o tabemashita.
 I ate Furence dishes yesterday.

Greg-san wa tokidoki Nihon ryoori o tabemasu.
 Greg-san had (ate) Japanese foods sometimes.

(Watashi wa) Jitensha o kaimasu.
 I will buy a bicycle.

Susan-san wa kinoo yoofuku o kaimashita.
 Susan-san bought clothes yesterday.

Let's learn how to say "I like".

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