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Learn Japanese Verbs such as eat, drink, buy, watch, etc. with audio, here.
The verbs come at the end of the sentence and conjugate to show present or past tenses as well as affirmative and negative.
In Japanese language, there are two tenses, past and non-past.
Since there is no future tense the non-past is used for both habitual action and future tense.

ex. ikimasu (to go)

  Affirmative Negative
non-past iki-masu iki-masen
Past iki-mashita iki-masendeshita

Besides the masu form above, Japanese verbs conjugate into several forms.

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tabemasuto eat
nomimasuto drink
kaimasuto buy
mimasuto watch, look, see
misemasuto show
kakimasuto write, draw, paint
okurimasuto send
tsukurimasuto make, produce, cook
tsukaimasuto use
aimasuto meet / to match, fit
ikimasuto go
kimasuto come
kaerimasuto return
arimasuto have, be at, exist (inanimate object)
imasuto have, be at, exist (animate object)
hanashimasuto talk, speak
yakushimasuto translate
nemasuto lie down, go to bed
okimasuto get up, wake up, happen, occur
kowaremasuto be broken
naoshimasuto repair, fix
agemasuto give, present / to raise, lift up
moraimasuto receive, be given
karimasuto borrow, rent
agarimasuto go up, rise
sagarimasuto go down, drop
fuemasuto increase
herimasuto decrease
naraimasuto learn
oboemasuto memorize, learn, master
oshiemasuto teach, inform, notice, let somebody know
shirabemasuto check, investigate
wasuremasuto forget
hajimarimasuto begin, start, open
owarimasuto finish, end
akemasuto open
shimemasuto close
kachimasuto win
makemasuto lose (a game)
magarimasuto turn, curve
tomarimasuto stop / to stay (the night), lodge
norimasuto get on, ride
orimasuto get off
suwarimasuto sit, have a seat
araimasuto wash
yakimasuto grill, bake, roast, toast
kirimasuto cut
kimasuto wear, put on (clothes)
nugimasuto take off (shoes, clothes)
torimasuto take, get / to take a picture
shimasuto do, play (something)
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