Japanese Fonts

How to Install Japanese Fonts on Windows XP

Viewing Japanese characters properly

You need Japanese fonts in your system in order to view Japanese characters properly.

When you access the Japanese page and you see like "2. Not Proper" on the table right, it means the Japanese fonts are not installed in your system. You need to install Japanese fonts.

Here will explain how to install Japanese fonts on Windows XP English version, the same method is applicable to enable Japanese on Windows XP of other languages.

1. Proper2. Not proper

Installing Japanese Fonts

Usually Japanese fonts are already included as East Asian Languages Pack in computers.

If you only want to view Japanese websites on Web browsers such as IE, Firefox or Chrome on WindowsXP, you will need this step only. Other steps are not necessary.

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10

Japanese Fonts are pre-installed on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Option : Setting "Language for Non-Unicode Programs"

After installing Japanese fonts you can view Japanese websites, as well as type and view Japanese with word processing software or email software.

If Japanese does not appear properly with word processing software or email software even after installing Japanese fonts, then the software does not support Unicode (Multilingual character code).

However even in such case, most non-Japanese software enables type and view in Japanese by setting "non-Unicode Programs".

If you have some troubles to view Japanese characters, please try this option.
In other case, you do not have to take this option.

Windows XP

Windows VISTA

Windows 7

How to type in Japanese

You can type in Japanese with non-Japanese software such as English word processing software or English email software.

Japanese keyboard is NOT necessary.

You can input Japanese characters using a keyboard of English or other languages.

We provided an explanation and some lessons.

How to type in Japanese

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