Essential Japanese Verbs

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hairimasu / hairuはいります/はいる[入る](No.179)

to go in, to enter / to join / to be contained, to be included, to be in

hajimarimasu / hajimaruはじまります/はじまる[始まる](No.183)

to begin, to start

hajimemasu / hajimeruはじめます/はじめる[始める](No.184)

to begin, to start

hakarimasu / hakaruはかります/はかる[測る/量る/計る](No.180)

to measure, to weigh

hakimasu / hakuはきます/はく[履く/吐く](No.181)

to put on, to wear (something below one's waist) / to throw up, to vomit, to breathe out

hakobimasu / hakobuはこびます/はこぶ[運ぶ](No.182)

to carry, to transport, to convey

hanashimasu / hanasuはなします/はなす[話す/離す](No.187)

to speak, to talk / to detach, to keep away

haraimasu / harauはらいます/はらう[払う](No.189)

to pay / to brush off

haremasu / hareruはれます/はれる[晴れる/はれる](No.191)

to clear up (weather, suspicion, feeling) / to swell, to be swollen

harimasu / haruはります/はる[はる(貼る)/張る](No.190)

to paste, to stick, to put on / to stretch, to spread, to pitch

hashirimasu / hashiruはしります/はしる[走る](No.185)

to run

hatarakimasu / hatarakuはたらきます/はたらく[働く](No.186)

to work

hayarimasu / hayaruはやります/はやる[はやる(流行る)](No.188)

to be popular, to be in fashion / to go around, to spread

herashimasu / herasuへらします/へらす[減らす](No.203)

to reduce, to cut down, to decrease

herimasu / heruへります/へる[減る](No.204)

to decrease, to get less / to be hungry

hikimasu / hikuひきます/ひく[引く/弾く/ひく](No.192)

to pull / to draw (a line), to install (gas, water, electricity) / to subtract, to reduce / to play string or keyboard instruments / to catch a cold

hikkoshimasu / hikkosuひっこします/ひっこす[引っ越す](No.193)

to move to, to relocate

hiroimasu / hirouひろいます/ひろう[拾う](No.194)

to pick up, to find


iimasu / iuいいます/いう[言う](No.018)

to say, to tell

ikimasu / ikuいきます/いく[行く](No.019)

to go

imasu / iruいます/いる[いる(居る)](No.021)

to be (at, in, on), to stay (used for animate things) / to have (animate things)

iremasu / ireruいれます/いれる[入れる](No.023)

to put in, to pour in / to include, to add / to switch on / to make a drink, to serve a drink

irimasu / iruいります/いる[要る](No.022)

to need

isogimasu / isoguいそぎます/いそぐ[急ぐ](No.020)

to hurry, to be in a hurry, to rush


kachimasu / katsuかちます/かつ[勝つ](No.062)

to win

kaemasu / kaeruかえます/かえる[変える/替える/換える/代える](No.054)

to change, to exchange, to replace

kaerimasu / kaeruかえります/かえる[帰る](No.055)

to return, to go back, to go home

kaeshimasu / kaesuかえします/かえす[返す](No.053)

to return something, to give back

kaimasu / kauかいます/かう[買う/飼う](No.052)

to buy / to keep pets, to raise (animals)

kakarimasu / kakaruかかります/かかる[掛かる](No.056)

to take time, to cost / to hang

kakemasu / kakeruかけます/かける[掛ける](No.058)

to hang, to cover / to pour on, to sprinkle on / to sit down, to take a seat / to multiply / to telephone / to lock / to spend (money or time) / to wear (glasses) / to start (engine)

kakimasu / kakuかきます/かく[書く/描く](No.057)

to write / to draw, to paint

kangaemasu / kangaeruかんがえます/かんがえる[考える](No.068)

to think, to consider

karimasu / kariruかります/かりる[借りる](No.064)

to borrow / to rent from, to take out a loan

kashimasu / kasuかします/かす[貸す](No.059)

to lend, to rent to, to let someone use something / to give a helping hand

katazukemasu / katazukeruかたづけます/かたづける[片付ける](No.061)

to put in order, to tidy up, to put away / to finish work

kawakashimasu / kawakasuかわかします/かわかす[乾かす](No.065)

to dry

kawakimasu / kawakuかわきます/かわく[乾く/渇く](No.066)

to be dry / to be thirsty

kawarimasu / kawaruかわります/かわる[変わる/替わる/換わる/代わる](No.067)

to change, to vary, to turn into, to replace

kayoimasu / kayouかよいます/かよう[通う](No.063)

to commute, to go often, to attend (school, class)

kazoemasu / kazoeruかぞえます/かぞえる[数える](No.060)

to count

keshimasu / kesuけします/けす[消す](No.082)

to switch off, to turn off / to erase / to extinguish

kiemasu / kieruきえます/きえる[消える](No.070)

to go out, to go off / to disappear, to vanish

kikimasu / kikuききます/きく[聴く(聞く)/聞く/効く(利く)](No.071)

to listen, to hear / to ask, to inquire / to be effective, to have an effect

kikoemasu / kikoeruきこえます/きこえる[聞こえる](No.072)

to be audible, can hear

kimarimasu / kimaruきまります/きまる[決まる](No.075)

to be decided, to be settled, to be fixed

kimasu / kiruきます/きる[着る](No.073)

to wear, to put on

kimasu / kuruきます/くる[来る](No.074)

to come / to arrive, to receive

kimemasu / kimeruきめます/きめる[決める](No.076)

to decide, to make up one's mind, to settle on / to choose

kiremasu / kireruきれます/きれる[切れる](No.078)

to come apart, to break, to be disconnected / to run out, to be out of stock / to expire / to be sharp, to cut well

kirimasu / kiruきります/きる[切る](No.077)

to cut / to hang up (a phone), to switch off

koemasu / koeruこえます/こえる[越える/超える](No.083)

to pass, to cross, to go over / to exceed, to be over

komarimasu / komaruこまります/こまる[困る](No.086)

to be in trouble, to be embarrassed

komimasu / komuこみます/こむ[込む](No.087)

to be crowded

korobimasu / korobuころびます/ころぶ[転ぶ](No.089)

to fall down, to tumble down

koroshimasu / korosuころします/ころす[殺す](No.088)

to kill, to murder

kotaemasu / kotaeruこたえます/こたえる[答える/応える](No.084)

to answer, to reply, to respond / to repay, to reward

kotowarimasu / kotowaruことわります/ことわる[断る](No.085)

to refuse, to decline, to turn down, to reject

kowaremasu / kowareruこわれます/こわれる[壊れる](No.091)

to break, to be damaged, to be out of order

kowashimasu / kowasuこわします/こわす[壊す](No.090)

to break, to destroy, to tear down

kumorimasu / kumoruくもります/くもる[曇る](No.079)

to become cloudy, to be gloomy / to get misted, to get fogged

kurabemasu / kuraberuくらべます/くらべる[比べる](No.080)

to compare

kuremasu / kureruくれます/くれる[くれる](No.081)

to give (something to the speaker)

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