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Sentence-Picture Cards

A Collection of Japanese Sentences with Illustrations


Speech practice by using illustrated sentence cards
Unlike conventional picture cards that are separated by parts of speech, the illustrated sentence cards are systematically arranged according to a typical word order such as "who", "when", "where" and "what to do".

Sample Cards

Picture Cards

The cards are available in sets of 200. These illustrated cards help learners to grasp sentence structures with visual effects. They also help learners to make smooth and effective progress in acquiring verbs naturally by the Mechanical Drill. The Mechanical Drill will later lead learners on to the Communicative Drill and the Sentence Pattern Practice to develop further skills.

TitleA Collection of Japanese Sentences with Illustrations
Size297mm x 105mm
200 cards
Full-Color Printing
Chart-Style manual included
Sample Files
AuthorKazumi Yagi
IllustrationsTakahiro Oda
PublisherKazm Pictures for Language Learning

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Shipping charge900-yen---
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For teachers

Example of drills

Introducing verb structures

Making questions and negatives

Introducing interrogatives

Sentence List

Verb List

Free Online Support (for teachers)

Ms. Yagi directly answers your questions by email regarding Japanese language teaching such as how to use the illustrated sentence cards for drill, how to apply basic sentence patterns in communication and so on.
Please contact Kazm Pictures for Language Learning for further information.

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Japanese Conversation

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