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This material is designed for those who want to learn practical Japanese language in a short period of time.

Frequently used everyday conversations and expressions are carefully selected and compiled with a large number of practical examples and vocabulary.

3 in One - This material has the following three parts for your effective learning.

Part 1 : Everyday Conversation

Part 2 : Words & Phrases by Category

Part 3 : Grammar Focus


Part 1 : Everyday Conversation (40 chapters)

Part 1 is categorized by language functions such as "making requests", "giving advice", "making suggestions and invitations", etc.
Each chapter contains dialogues, example sentences and explanations.
You can efficiently acquire the necessary skills to build up conversations by understanding the language functions further in a step-by-step approach.

Part 2 : Words & Phrases by Category (40 chapters)

Part 2, in contrast to the Part 1, is categorized by the various daily scenes such as "at the bank", "At the restaurant" and "At the railway station".
There are a large number of necessary words and practical examples for each scene listed in each chapter.
You can learn each chapter non-sequentially according to your need.

Part 3 : Grammar Focus (45 chapters)

In this section, grammatical points in Part 1 and 2 are explained in more detail in order to develop further understanding.
This section aims to improve your ability in applying new skills by classifying and explaining each grammatical point.

Includes 3 script editions, Romaji, Kana and Kanji.


Online material for
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JapaneseAtOnce for iPad

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iPad & iPhone Application


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This Application supports both iPad & iPhone.

"Part 3 : Grammar Focus" is not provided for iPhone
because of a technical reason (screen size).


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