Learning Japanese Verbs

Verbs are the Key to Japanese language learning

Essential Japanese Verbs


This material explains clearly about the meaning of each verb with explaining its usage. "Key Sentences", "Practical Usage" and "Short Dialogues" also help you to grasp how you can apply each verb in communication.

"Key Sentences" shows you in what sentence pattern each verb is used.
Key Sentences provide you with good guidance when you try to compose your own sentences.

"Practical Usage" and "Short Dialogues" show how to use each verb in a more practical sense as in frequently used expressions and everyday conversations.


250 essential verbs as the Main Entries

"Conjugation forms", "Key Sentences", "Practical Usage" and "Short Dialogues" are provided for all verbs of the main entry.

Over 3,000 example sentences
1,400 beginner's level
1,700 intermediate level

All the examples are voice-recorded

3 script editions (Romaji, Kana, Kanji) are provided.

Essential Japanese Verbs

Online Learning material

Essential Japanese Verbs for iPad



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