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Building Up Conversation was developed to help learners master basic conversation skills in Japanese.

This material covers from the basic level to the lower intermediate level and within this range, much frequently used sentences and expressions are carefully selected and compiled.

When you analyse each conversation, you will find that the conversation builds up using only simple and short sentences. None of these sentences is complicated at all, yet you can have a conversation, even about a complicated subject, by building up simple, short sentences.

Building Up Conversation helps you acquire the ability to go with the flow of conversation, even about a complicated subject, by learning how to build up simple and short sentences through audio drills.

Building Up Conversation

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This material includes three levels.

Level 1 : Introductory to lower basic level, 20 chapters

Level 2 : Middle basic level, 20 chapters

Level 3 : Upper basic to lower intermediate level, 20 chapters

Each chapter consists of four sections


Grammar Notes

Audio Drills


Includes 3 script editions, Romaji, Kana and Kanji.

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Japanese Conversation

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